5 Tips for Recording Higher Quality Sounds on a Budget


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Do you think that you need to spend much more money to make your recordings sound professional? You don’t have to. You can use a free online music making tool to create amazing music. There are several easy and affordable ways to improve vocal recording quality. 

Here are some tips for you: 

Stop Being Lazy 

It is great to have everything at your fingertips. However, don’t make it a habit. Sometimes, you have to take additional steps to make things work. Your laptop has a built-in microphone that you can use to record. However, you don’t get a high-quality recording. You need to take some extra steps to create great music. Do some research about different microphones. You also have different options when it comes to audio interfaces. Read ratings and reviews about all the options. You can achieve better final results even with a free online music making tool. 

Use Plugins 

If you are using an existing computer program for creating or mixing music, you can extend the functionality of the program by using a plugin. There are plugins available for recording software and music mixing software. There are some music creators who can access studios equipped with the most advanced technologies in the industry. However, most creators use smaller set ups in their home studios. This does not mean that only those using expensive studios can create the best quality music. You can achieve great results with small, simple, free online music making tool and plugins. These plugins include delays, compressors and more. Both hobbyists and professionals use these plugins. 

Choose the Right Environment 

Your bedroom is not an ideal place for recording. Your work never sounds like a pro when the environment is not suitable. However, this is not because of your microphone and other equipment you are using. Your bedroom or other rooms are cubical in shape. Any room in this shape is not suitable for recording. The sound bounces off the walls resulting in a bad recording. Use acoustic foam. It absorbs sound instead of reflecting like the walls of your bedroom. You can see great improvements in quality by making some minor upgrades. 

Try to minimize reflection and outside ambient noise. You want to create great music. You don’t want it to sound like a lawnmower. 

Be Honest 

Most of us love our work even if it is a little below average. However, your music sounds a little off. You know that there is an issue. Address it. If you pay attention to details, you can achieve fantastic results even when you use a free online music making application. Sometimes, the issue is not easy to fix. Spend more time to make it perfect. Many times you mix the vocals and move on. Take an hour long break and listen to the music again. You will find something to fix and improve results. Be honest and criticize your own work.   

Equalization and Panning 

You may be using a microphone with heavy low-end frequencies. It may have harsh high frequencies. A vocal recording should not be compromised. People want to hear vocals. No one likes music sounding muddy. EQ your vocals. Cut out or increase frequencies where required. However, make sure that you don’t lose human voice quality. 

You need the right tool. It does not have to be a hi-tech tool. A good, free online music making tool can do the job.

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