The spirit of Ethnic wear – The power of men’s wardrobe


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It was very difficult to convince the Pakistani crowd who were totally in the western spirit, but thanks to a big brand like edenrobe and Zara who reawakened the era-spirit. The new designs made it possible for people to fall for the new designs of ethnic wear again. The replacement of Kameez shalwar never exists. The clean look together with the decency it provides makes kameez shalwar, a permanent versatile staple for every man. Unlike women, we all know the laidback manner of man when it comes to shopping; the revival of new designs have awakened their spirit and passion to go again for the ethnic wear. The prodigal fame of Pakistani ethnic wear is finally revived in compelling colors: today whatever collection of ethnic wear we are witnessing is caused by better approach towards Pakistani ethnic wear yet keeping it traditional. After so much wait and anticipation, summer is finally here with its fashion trends and yes how can you miss the monsoon. With the latest style and trends that were visible on advertisement boards and cinemas have changed finally, and finally, the race for being on the top has already been started with the summer season.

Black and white; Do we need any words to describe men when they wear these two colors. Simply awesome, this is the most important heritage of Pakistani men. Wearing black kameez shalwar especially on Eid and Friday is something we are known for. For one time ditch your polos and the t-shirt for these amazing silhouettes that are just incredible. It will change the way you look at fashion and will obvious the change the way people look at you. There is nothing more classy and comfortable than a man silhouette; the subtle features an Indo-Pak looks that can revamp your style in a matter of seconds. In short, this is the most perfect versatile.

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There is a common misconception prevailing in the minds of masses that women have more options than man when it comes to shopping; the facts aren’t as straight as this perception. There is a massive array of choices for men like kurta pajamas, sherwani, achkans, Jodhpuris. The right combination is yet necessary to amp like a celeb. Black kurta with a white shalwar, Kurta pajama with a decent jacket, Sherwani with a classic coati; these are some great Pakistani formal and informal wear that will definitely woo those lovely ladies (If you are mannered, never mind ;))

While the struggle in finding something you love or are looking for can be daunting and is not less than a herculean task. It is always frustrating when you don’t find the right piece of clothing for occasions and wedding and it only leads you in beating yourself. Kameez shalwar has the magic. No matter what the occasion is, they have the ability to transform your style and make you look like a fashionable man. It’s good to be simple. Being simple doesn’t mean something out of fashion or style. In fact, you can be both stylish and decent at the same time. You may go for polos and shirts for night outs and parties while I would suggest you to go for the ethnic wear. If you are looking for a dramatic entry for that get-together, kameez shalwar will be the best choice.

A real ethnic choice in my book of fashion would be a light or a dark blue kameez with a white pajama. The combination looks spectacular and gives a trendier look when wearing with the right fit. Even in ethnic wear, the right fit is essential. Lose fitted kameez shalwar will not give you the desired look and it will leave you hating it in the end. Go an extra mile and find out the best ethnic wear in trends. If you are new to the internet shopping world, big brands like enrobe and Zara would be the right place to start your search. Otherwise, Google has something for everyone and it never disappoints anyone. Love the glamour, love the simplicity and love the ethnic wear. You are defined by what you wear. Not degrading the western wear in any way, but the ethnic wear has its own swag. Colorful trends not only give you an elite look but also it defines your personality and your way of seeing things. Being modern is good, but being traditional is better. The stunning ethnic designs revealed every year will let you fall in love with them. No matter what color or pattern, fabric, and stitching you are looking for; ethnic wear has everything for you. From the colorful dress of groom to simple wear, the internet has it all.

While this is just an update on ethnic wear, you can create your own style. Your preference, choice matters the most. However, it’s always good to be experimenting and after all, the experience is admired by the most.


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