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Which locations/roads are the most popular in Bangkok? No doubt for the young generation and travelers Khaosan road is most popular, the small streets that contain endless amount of guesthouses, bars, clubs, traveler agencies etc..or maybe Silom road the road that represent prestige, businesses, and of of course contain the most famous red light district, Patpong.


Is Sukhumvit road in Bangkok is a famous street/road? Well, it must be, sukhumvit road isn`t just the center of it all, but also one of the most largest road in ThaIland and in the far east.

Sukhumvit start in the middle of Bangkok and ends up at the south border of Cambodia. It’s accommodate the largest amount of hotels, shopping malls, it has two of the three major red light district and there is a skytrain that passing through the road.

It is important to understand that Sukhumvit start at Phloen Chit station, before the station is Phloen chit road and before that is Rama 1 road, so sukhumvit let say is continuation of the two. Let see what Sukhumvit road has to offer:

Hotels in Sukhumvit Bangkok

In sukhumvit you can find the most hotels per square miles, just look at the map and understand the numbers, you can find here at Sukhumvit from guest houses to 5 stars luxury hotels, and of course everything in between.

Most of the hotels in sukhumvit located around BTS Skytrain which makes it very comfortable to move around in sukhumvit and in the city in general. Some hotels at sukhumvit located on top of shopping malls or attached to one, which makes it even more comfortable and safe.

For example hotel Emporium Suites By Chatrium located on top of Emporium shopping mall that attached to Phrom Phong BTS Station, Hotel Grande Centre Point at Terminal 21 located at Terminal 21 shopping mall and attached to Asok station, On top of Central World shopping mall you’ll find the 5 stars hotel Centara Grand at Central World close by to Chid Lom station, and so on.

Shopping On Sukhumvit Bangkok


Well as you understand there are a lot of shopping malls on sukhumvit road, so many and so unique, some huge, some smaller, boutique, and chic shopping mall, no doubt you will find what you need and what you don’t need, the thing about the shopping mall here is that even if you are not a “Professional Shopaholic” be sure that your attitude for shopping and shopping malls will change.


The shopping malls on sukhumvit offers much more than shopping experience, also there many attractions for the all family such as bowling, aquarium, Madame Tussaud and much much more, in the last floor of almost every shopping mall in Sukhumvit there is cinema, there are restaurants, and cool cafe shop.


Some shopping malls you might want to pay attention to: EMquartier (Phrom Phong station),Terminal 21 (Asok station), Central World (Chid Lom Station), and of course Siam Center (Siam station) which has 4 shopping mall one attached to the other, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, and Siam Square One and of course MBK shopping mall is around the corner.


Beside shopping malls, Sukhumvit offers endless amount of stores of all kind, massages stores and so on.


Transportation in Bangkok


It’s pretty easy to get by in Sukhumvit rd. Through Sukhumvit runs the BTS Skytrain system, stops at main junctions and locations on the road. There are two BTS lines one is Sukhumvit and the other is Silom Line, both meet at Siam Station.


BTS sukhumvit line start (or ends) at chatuchak district at Mo Chit station, then runs down on. Phahoniothin rd. until Victory Monument then changed change to Phayathai rd. it turns to Rama 1 rd. there, there is Silom Station, the road changes to Phloen chit and then Sukhumvit, the train runs until Samrong Station at East bangkok, but in the future they will add more stations. It’s comfortable and useful.

Of course on Sukhumvit there are Taxis, but the road has traffic jam pretty often. There are motorcycle taxi for short drive, you will see the motorcycle driver with the orange vast, and of course there are the Tuktuks.Tuktuk is famous colorful and noisy three wheels open motorcycle with attached carriage motor machine.

In Summary

This article does not do justice to what this unique road Sukhumvit can offer. To our humble opinion it’s the place to be! True, bangkok is a huge and offres a lot from everything, But Sukhumvit  it’s the place to sleep in bangkok, to eat, to shop in bangkok, it’s the place to hang in the city, well you get the idea, Enjoy this wonderful city!




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