What is it Like to Study Strategic Marketing Certification Program?


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The days of shielded or isolated business operations, restricted foreign suppliers, or competitors no longer exist. Marketing, in today’s world, is truly globalised and is mostly digitised. Most business companies tend to operate in an international environment where clients are scattered across the globe and start-ups can emerge based on any economy, showcasing diverse business models and cost structures. Read ahead to find out why earning a certificate in strategic marketing course is the best way to uplift your business status.

What will you learn from a certification program in strategic marketing?

The Strategic Marketing Programme includes an intensive course curriculum that is tailored to sharpen your marketing skills. This includes creating, organising, executing, and evaluating business activities within the realm of the complex global environment. Students will get to explore the prime marketing challenges, which include the low-price competition, the impact of social media on brand management, and market commoditisation.

This is sure to prepare you to return to your workplace with a mind-set to make a difference. You will be an expert at reframing current challenges as opportunities by employing the conceptual and practical tools that you learned to handle as part of your course.

Who Should Participate in this Programme?

The Strategic Marketing Certification course is basically structured for executives who are currently holding or about to take up marketing responsibilities. Executives whose profession is not related to the marketing discipline may also apply for this program to polish the elements that interact directly with their role. Participants that you will learn alongside usually come from the following professional levels:

  • Functional manager
  • Senior functional manager
  • Specialist new to marketing.

Let’s Look at the Basic Content Overview

Strategic Marketing Certification Programme touches upon topics that have a close connection with the marketing process. It emphases the designing and execution of innovative marketing plans. Students will engage in analysing contemporary case studies, making way for them to gain real-time experience of marketing in a global context. Such kind of learning will help you head back to your company for an immediate and lasting impact.

What will be the Learning Outcome?

  • Understand the process of building a marketing plan based on competitor analysis and customer insight, such as positioning, targeting, and segmentation.
  • Develop a brand strategy that can eventually lead to the creation and management of pricing, distribution, and communication strategies.
  • Explore the implications of being linked to multiple markets, which special emphasis on the emergence of new markets – impact from new brands entering the industry as opportunities for sales growth and threats.

Our university offers a variety of Sales and Marketing programs for you to choose from. You will be studying alongside high potentials from general managers and senior leaders to long-serving executives. Our programs support candidates through the key transitions of their career paths. Reach out to us to find out which Sales and Marketing program best matches your needs. Choose to earn a strategic marketing course certification, today!

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