Steps To Become A Back-End Web Developer


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The back end is the part of the web applications that are working behind the scenes in technological domains. In a typical client-server architecture, there are two sides to work for application data. One is the server-side while the other is the client-side. The application data is stored in the server-side and the output is given through the client-side. The server side working of the web application is known as backend development it is the place where all the inner working of web applications is taking place. These developers are responsible for programming languages that these developers use to run on the webserver. Such developers are also responsible for creating APIs, which is necessary and used by different mobile versions of such applications. The field of Technology is becoming hotspot from recent years. With the gain of websites, the demand for Technology is also increasing. The organizations are working to make online processing strong, which would help them to take out the talented people who are best looking and best performing in different web applications. So different companies and organizations adore these developers as their demand is highly increasing.

Steps to become a backend developer? 

Learning different kinds of programming languages will give a boost to your career and help you in becoming a backend developer. You must have the basic knowledge of different programming tools, as it would be quite beneficial. However, if you do not have any kind of such exposure, get yourself endorsed in the basic computer language course. To obtain the basic knowledge of programming languages, this will set you on the path of learning backend development. Technical and critical skills must be present in the developer.

What are the steps that you must need to follow?

Following are the steps that you need to follow when you are starting up your career as backend developer: 

  • Know the data structure and algorithm basics:
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 Some fresh candidates skip this step and move towards the learning framework, but this step is very essential to make your base strong. It is better you have the knowledge about data structure and algorithm basics. It is not always about having deep information and critical evaluation about everything but at least you should know the basics of these programming concepts. 

data structure

  • Learn the basics of databases:

The next logical step for the backend developer is adding the portfolio to your database system. There are many relational database management systems present. You can select any one of them that will provide you with ease. Learning about these databases will always be beneficial as some of the websites work over these databases. 

  • Learning a programming language and choosing a framework:

To learn a programming language is a time taking a task, and you cannot get entire knowledge by working on these languages overnight. You must be patient as learning the programming languages takes effort and time. Make your tasks aligned and set your goals like deciding which program language you wish to learn. Nevertheless, if you do not know the basic programming languages like C, Java or python try to develop your understanding of the logical working and practices of coding.

  • Learn frameworks:
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After choosing the programming languages, you can learn the basics of any one of these frameworks. It takes a lot of effort for writing application code in any programming language. It is a very time-consuming task and takes much more effort. You can also create templates and codes which you can use later anytime. This reduces the effort of codes that you must write. Therefore, it is the reason why a learning framework is probably a good idea and is a more efficient task.

  • Innovation and creation of something new:

Innovating and creating any new ideas in any kind of field is always valuable. Most probably, the technology field required information about new ideas as it leads to change the entire game. If you already thought about any kind of project, you must execute your plans practically, give your project time, and work on it. It is good to start up your career with these innovations. There are many sites and products available in the market that will help you in doing so, such as creating any new web application.


  • Implementation of knowledge:

You cannot make yourself clear until you understand how the whole stuff works. Therefore, you must start doing it practically as there is a need to use these tools and to practice them regularly. To understand the theoretical knowledge in a more appropriate way the best way to implement your knowledge by working on small projects and different web applications. These small projects will provide you with great experience and help you to solve systematic problems effectively like a pro.

  • Deploying on the server:
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After innovating any kind of project, the next step is to deploy your product on the server. You can also use a free server for this purpose and the best option is AWS and it must be your first preference. It provides you one year of free hosting and limited usage. If you have learned the basics of backend development, it is now the time to move towards more complex and critical things. Adding these projects to your resume and starting up your career will make you excel more in the field of technology.

  • Knowledge of web server and docker:

You must facilitate yourself learning the use of docker as it will help you keep your OS clean. It will help you expedite your coding testing or deployment. The knowledge of web server must also be present to learn about the configuration options and about finding out the differences between different web servers. It will help you in digging out the limitations and how to write applications by using these limitations.

There is different web developer certification provided to fresh candidates when they are exploring the field of technology. Various online and different practical training centers are created to make the candidates aware of backend development and how the backend developers work. University of Texas coding bootcamp is among some of the best coding bootcamps for fresh candidates to learn web development. The steps must be taken into notice when you have decided to boost up your career in this field.

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