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Spotify is the Swedish music streaming service available in more than 50 languages with an estimated 75million user. It offers both an ad-supported free version and the premium subscription for US$99.99 a month but both offer the unlimited streaming for the month.

Spotify is everyone’s favorite Android app because it lets you listen to music that you love but since many services offer this below you can observe some other ways that Spotify excels.

In Spotify Premium APK, if you like a particular song, you can create a radio station using that song as a reference point. Spotify will then launch a playlist of the other similar songs. As well as being able to easily save any of those tracks to listen to it again later, you can also give each song a thumb up, or thumbs down thus improving the playlist for other users with a freedom from crowd type effect.

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It works incredibly well it has more appeal than anyone who only likes sounds or genre. But generally using the radio always introduces you to at least another song or artists that you like.

Weekly Discoveries

The app introduced its discovered feature 3 years back discover weekly is the attempt to get me hooked on music you never heard before. This personalized playlist is issued once per week to get you hooked on music you did never hear before. This personalized playlist is issued once per week and can include new music from an artist I already like, or older tracks from unknown artists you might have missed.  Just to make it clear at this point Spotify doesn’t actually know what you like Spotify uses algorithms that basically say user X likes a song in category Y, therefore, user X may also like this other song in category Y.

It is making the sound of less sophisticated than it is, of course in reality though somewhat ashamed to admit how effective it is.  It is so hard to when you have a ear stuff with beautiful Sonic art on weekly basis.

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One of the important reason that the app appeals to you is that it combines all of its features so simply.  We talk about intuitive apps quite a lot but Spotify takes this to another level. You can tick a box to save an album in the Spotify web app before you leave work and it will be saved and downloaded to your phone ready for the commute home.

Many can argue that app business is indifferent to King trying to keep you hooked on Candy crush saga. You could be cynical about everything and business on Earth and Spotify is no different.

You could stream the music’s for free with YouTube but there are cheaper services available. Some major artists can’t be found on Spotify but this app does everything you want and it does it better than anything else could be used. It has competitors but the appease of use and pertinence will steal your heart. What an amazing time to be alive you smartphone, coupled with Spotify have we had such access to so much.  It has become the part of people’s daily life as haters try to cloud it with cynicism to say the magic of vinyl is lost that Spotify supports insidious record labels, that it’s just a distraction from the creation of better music it is just a false rumors the app is like a Sole mate to many people just you can do is fall for it every day deeply.

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