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Have you ever experienced last minute packing or travelling? We are now telling you how to pack quickly and travel easily. We have some go-to tips for you.

Quick tips:

Starting with a hand sanitize. It’s important to stay clean so you don’t mess up your health. While packing everything keep a good power bank with you. Charging can be an issue while travelling, most people don’t get these things but they are important anyways. Keep your allergy tablets in your bag. Packing less means not to keep heating tools with you, low or high voltage can blow your electric items and humidity is going to ruin your hair anyway. Also keep cleaning wipes in your hand carry all the time, it’s hygienic. Keeping wipes can make your life two times easier. Most important thing to keep is two or three warm clothes when packing, it can get cold at night or in some air condition buses you will need that, thank us later. Sunscreen is also important thing to keep in your hand carry if you’re travelling somewhere tropical. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your purse, who want to have a headache with close eyes in the sun? I always carry less stuff in my hand bag because carrying less means you can explore more without aching shoulders.

Shopping some stuff online:

When travelling I always keep my ticket one way, I don’t want to waste my ticket if I’m staying more than I planned. Also never make any money exchange on airports this will rip you off, sometime it take big difference with your currency. Try to make it before leaving so you don’t have to pay any extra charges. We have some of the useful tips for you here to pack minimal and carry as less as possible. First take a hand carry bag so you can keep your essentials which you don’t want to lose or forget home last minute, like your passport or tickets. You need to carry your debit/credit card with you and inform your bank before travelling so if you’re travelling more than a month they don’t freeze your account which is quite annoying actually. Also unlock your mobile phone. It’s easy for you to connect to any open Wi-Fi as you enter in your hotel.

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I always try to take out sometime and shop some important things i.e. I like to read while travelling but I can’t carry make book everywhere with me so kindle is always a good idea for me, it’s easy to carry every book in one place. I just bought a used one because I have my books at home already. I also shop some micro fiber towels and good quality water bottles, staying hydrated is important and so is my budget. Also I check my bags before leaving just to make sure that I’m not travelling with broken zippers or wheels, this can be really hard thing to travel with. It’s a nightmare for any person to have a broken bag just before your flight. So make sure that you have other options and you don’t carry any broken bags with you.

Check on your budget:

If you want to save more money then travel in a group or with a partner so you have to pay only half amount. It’s also important to carry some cash with you because most of the small cities don’t have card machines. Before travelling anywhere in the world, it’s important to check the prices of your hotel so you don’t end up paying more than you should. There are some apps that can help you with all the prices and locations. Spending a little bit effort into your travelling can result easy and stress free journey.

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Save more space in your bag:

You all have heard about the quote “less is more” that’s all we’re going to do today. Always pack less and useful clothing items you can wash and repeat your clothes, so don’t take your closet with you. Color co-ordinate first and then pack. Here comes the minimalism, where most people challenge themselves to travel with just one backup you can watch videos and get the idea, for me it’s beneficial and important to carry less with me. Sometimes we tend to shop so many things that you have to buy another suit case for that. So the less you carry with you the more space you have for your shopping. Never buy shoes from somewhere because it’s the heaviest thing to carry and airlines never allow much weight. Always keep one pair of shoes and a pair of flip-flop. Flip-flops are useful in shower; you don’t want any foot fungus right?

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When packing stuff always make sections in your bag, don’t try to overload one bag and divide your things in two small bags so you don’t have to carry one big heavy suit case alone. Being a minimalist i try to keep my bag and my mind as clear as possible because travelling means change and you don’t want to stress yourself when travelling unless you’re travelling with kids.

It’s a wrap:

So here are some of the tips and things you should keep in your mind before travelling and during travelling. Don’t carry you important documents with you unless you’re trying for some jobs because you can get robbed easily when travelling, thieves do try on tourists if they can get anything from them. Also keep extra charger and ear pods with you so if you blow your charger because of low voltage, you don’t spend money on a new one. I try to check prices of the hotel before travelling because if you travel somewhere without knowing the actual cost you will end up spending more than you should. There are some applications that can help in this. It’s a warp for the travelling tips now, you can enjoy your journey without worrying about budget and dead mobile phones if you keep these tips in mind.


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