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The workplace landscape has changed drastically since the advent of technology and over 5 generations are working together under the same roof. Moreover, the employment terms are changing globally with businesses becoming more flexible while individuals choosing to be flexible about their career options, a lot of challenges are faced by HR. Here, we shall have a look at the commonly faced problems and how a cloud-based HR and Payroll Software may help to address them.

Manual Paperwork:

There is a lot of manual documentation involved in HR tasks which may frustrate both the employees and HR. Many times, HR may take initiatives to engage employees but a little materializes. For instance, taking employee feedbacks is never taken seriously and the information gathered is seldom reliable. The delusive data gathered can lead to policy disasters potentially costing a lot to the business and its reputation. Employees may also not update their details if it takes them a considerable amount of time to access the HR. Perhaps, the handling of these documents is also a problem as if they’re lost, a lot of disputes may arise like misplacing a leave application may end up in executives quarreling over petty issues. Software is much more efficient to run employee engagement surveys and they take lesser time along with feedbacks being available in real-time. The staff need not approach HR to submit leave applications or claim reimbursements. This is especially beneficial when working with the Gen Z employees who find manual documentation too bad to work with.

Improve Work Culture:

You can improve the work culture by gathering comprehensive data regarding the productive work output generated by the employees. As this data is available at the time of appraisals, the conflicts are avoided as favoritism and bias are kept under the check. The staff can report their work on a daily basis which can be monitored by the reporting managers. In case an employee is struggling, they can be counseled and provided with relevant pieces of training. The positive traits can be identified and incentivized in order to boost morale. An effective payroll software can also contribute to employee retention as performers are identified and rewarded accordingly. The employees can directly contribute to the organizational building if they feel that they are being heard properly.

Replace E-mail communications:

When it comes to employee engagement, emails tend to be useless as most of the time spam marketing emails lead to use emails to topple deep down, never to see the daylight. A lot of tasks when carried over the mail, do more harm then benefit. Perhaps, it isn’t sensible to transfer the Payroll details over the mailing platforms owing to the security concerns, and the fact that they still need to be manually sorted. In case an employee wants to claim reimbursements or manage their attendance data, they may be concerned about the application being entertained but have no feedback available which leads to hostility. Payroll Software can be effectively used to engage employees in maintaining their own data in the system without approaching HR. The Payroll inputs can thus directly be fed into the system without demanding personal attention or chances of overseeing them.

Let employees take care of themselves:

A lot of employers seek to transfer employee specific administrative workloads to the employees themselves. This includes empowering the staff to maintain their payroll information such as bank details, loan/investment details, taxation details by themselves. They can also make official communications such as claiming a reimbursement while traveling or download their payslips from the comfort of their own devices and thus, the ESS Portals can turn to be the trump card as they facilitate a smooth transfer of Payroll specific data to the Payroll Module along with automating the whole process. All the data is synchronized with the central database without any intervention from the HR end.

Thus, there are a lot of benefits of integrating the employee engagement with Payroll Software and most of the business do consider linking the two. But using conventional Spreadsheet tools or oral communications don’t help either which has made the way for full-fledged Payroll Software.

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