Six Reasons to Choose a Residential Park Home


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Residential park homes are an increasingly attractive option, providing a fresh start for the next chapter of your life. Here are six fantastic benefits these homes can provide.

1. A New Lease of Life

Becoming a residential park home resident will be a fresh start, opening up new possibilities for a bright future. You’ll retain full privacy and independence, living life as you wish and enjoying the company of visitors and family whenever it suits you.

2. Community Spirit

Residential parks offer residents a warm, welcoming community to be part of, so you’ll never feel alone. On average, most residents are over 55. A 2002 survey showed that 68% were over 60. You may find yourself among those who share interests and develop friendships, with community social events available should you wish to join in.

3. Facilities on Hand

The parks themselves are nestled in great locations, where you’ll have beautiful surroundings and nearby amenities. For instance, with Gloucester park homes for sale from, the likes of transport connections, medical facilities, shops, and entertainment will never be far away.

4. Wallet-Friendly

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a park home, including typical running charges incurred, council tax and utility bills, is generally cheaper than with conventional housing.

Retirement should be enjoyed, but all too often monetary strain can make that difficult. Given the housing crisis, it’s being suggested that ‘last-time buyers’ in their 50s and 60s should in future be offered an incentive to downsize. Downsizing from a bricks-and-mortar property to a residential park home can release capital, allowing you to make the most of your free time without money worries.

5. Location, Location, Location

Park homes provide more flexibility when it comes to choosing where to live, whether that’s nearer family and friends or somewhere you perhaps couldn’t have afforded a conventional property previously. Despite common initial misconceptions, the inside of park homes are spacious and also afford outdoor space, providing you with enough room to live comfortably wherever you choose to live.

6. Quality with Less Maintenance

Residential park homes are single-story bungalows with choice layouts and furnishings. They’ll be built to the British Standard BS3632, with double glazing, central heating, and energy-efficient boilers, meaning they’re built for a permanent living while being easy to keep clean and maintain.

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