What are the Signs of a Bad Foundation


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The symptoms of foundation issues may be deceptive since they can imitate conditions, which are more benign. For example, when bricks crack or you perhaps notice diminutive cracking on your basement’s walls, it could be due to factors that are not of great concern. On the other hand, they could be a clear evidence of your house sinking into the ground. Alternatively, some other signs of foundation problems manifest themselves far away from the foundation including doors or windows, which stick out of their frames. In either circumstance, only an experienced foundation repair contractor can efficiently determine if there is any possible challenge with your home’s foundation. 

Below are some of the most classic symptoms of a bad foundation.

#1: External Cracking

Fine and diminutive cracking in your house’s exterior walls tends to be of no much concern. Nevertheless, external cracking that is larger and sports a zigzag pattern might strongly indicate that something untoward is happening in your foundation. Therefore, bricks which crack or even bricks that protrude from the walls ought to be inspected in a time-efficient manner.

#2: Internal Sheetrock Cracking 

As a property owner, you should be very suspicious when your home’s interior sheetrock cracking follows a zigzag pattern and runs almost the entire height of your walls. In such situations, you should enlist the services of an experienced foundation repair contractor plano as soon as possible to inspect your foundation. This also holds true for wallpapers that pull away from the walls, and when there is cracking at the junction between your house’s walls and ceilings.

#3: Doors and Windows which stick of their Frames and Refuse to be closed & Sloped Floors

Few houses remain plump after a couple of years of settlement. However, doors and windows which stick out of their frames and sport cracking on the walls above them should be investigated immediately. Many homeowners also remark sloping floors that allow water to pool in one direction that are as well classic signs of a structurally undermined foundation. You ought to be concerned if the gradient of your home’s floors is over 1” or 2” after every 15 feet. At the same time, window and door frames which pull away from the walls are also serious symptoms of a bad foundation.

#4: Rotten Wood in Piers and Beams 

Piers and beams which feature rotten wood might be an indication of a number of issues apart from a structurally compromised foundation. Nevertheless, they all need to be subjected to a thorough inspection to rule out foundational challenges. In some conditions, the basement’s humidity could be high, or the piers and beams may have become infested with pests such as termites or carpenter ants. Still, the presence of rotting wood is not a reassuring sign, and it will be prudent to have your foundation checked.

#5: Expansion Joints Separation

Expansion joints are usually fitted in structures like houses in order to compensate for ground shifting, extreme changes in temperature, excessive humidity, high winds along with other factors. A bad foundation will give rise to expansion joints separation, which will make the joints to fail in the purpose they were designed for and may trigger widespread cracking.

#6: Walls that Pull Away from the House 

Should you remark an external wall that pulls away from your house’s structure, it is highly advisable to call in a foundation repair expert since if not adequately resolved, the affected walls might collapse. 

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