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As with most things in technology, it’s black and white with how it impacts your prospects of growing successful in the career. If you are on top of the trends in contemporary technology, you will rule the roost. If not, you may barely sustain 5-6 years down the line. In a fast changing technology landscape that hugely relies on Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science and Big Data, making a career with and securing it with fructifying results should be top of mind for you. That’s why nine of ten data scientists and deep learning analysts would recommend fresh graduates and mid-level professionals to get certified in powerful technology platforms, including SAS analytics and Big Data/Hadoop.

SAS training, in particular, could take you the distance every professional is looking to scale in the AI and Data Science market. Here’s what you should do with SAS Training to secure your career in Data Science and AI.

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Take the Utopian Path to Build Your Career

Let’s face it – AI and data science would render most people jobless by 2025. A large part of the jobless population would be either data illiterates or technologically challenged. That’s the apocalyptic fallout of technology like AI and automation taking its course…. which is normal, right?

Not exactly!

Leading AI and data science research firms believe that AI and related automation would actually free human mind and workforce for creativity and bring technology at the core of all things mundane, including manual data entry and surveillance. In this utopian landscape, the role of professionals certified in SAS training in Gurgaon and other emerging tech cities would be potentially iconic.

Why do I call it iconic?

Because, regardless of which industry you work with SAS training courses, you would always be in demand. Leading IT and tech consulting companies would hire 10 times more from the pool of talent certified in dealing with new technologies.

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It’s that magnified job spectrum that you should aim with any Gurgaon SAS training.

Build Relationships with Machines; But Don’t Lose the Human Touch

All future AI systems would be governed by algorithms and programs written by certified professionals from SAS training course. It’s not a matter of how, but when… and it could be as soon as the year 2022. The power of SAS analytics and deep learning would let humans solve complex problems using computing skills. In a hugely automated landscape, it’s the human touch in every programming bundle that would make the difference to the way jobs and businesses shape up for 2025 and beyond.

With SAS training, you stand that chance to embellish your data science career.

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