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With more than 12 years in the world of social media, Twitter is one of those special platforms that has evolved with time and has a very loyal fanbase. 336 million active users who log in every day to scroll through their feed is no small feat. One of the most unique features of Twitter is how you can convey large ideas through bite-sized paragraphs. A huge celebrity user base means that it is also a cool way for fans to connect with their starts. This new level of networks and interconnectivity gives us an amazing platform for businesses to flourish on.

You would be completely in the wrong if you thought Twitter was still just about those 140 characters. With a boost to 280 characters, Twitter is now a very interactive space. GIFS, Images, and Videos are now a part of the ecosystem. It is time you used these features to get the best out of your brand. Let’s have a look at the what makes this the crux of your marketing campaign.

Why Videos?

Statistics from the Wyzowl research states that around 83% of your customers lean more towards making a purchase if video content is available. Video marketing is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. Having a video that demonstrates your product or an animation that says something special about your services can be a major selling point for your brand. It marks your unique presence in the internet marketplace. A sizable investment in this field will not be lost in vain. Remember that videos have a unique advantage over pictures and long columns of text. You will be able to communicate profound ideas and align propositions in a better way.

What’s new about videos on Twitter?

Do you feel like your brand is getting a bit stale and your audience is losing interest? Do you feel pushed aside because of upcoming competitors with flashy ads? Do you want to capture the market again and stay seated on top? The best strategy to boost yourself up there in today’s marketing climate is by using compelling, high-quality videos – the importance here being given to high-quality. You could totally half-ass a run of the mill promotional video using a bunch of After Effects templates that you got off of the internet. But don’t you want your brand to stand out? This is exactly why you should concentrate on original creation that can stand the test of time.

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Let’s look at the ways you can get the content out there.

Go Native

One of the coolest updates on twitter is how you can just click and start recording your videos from the get-go. This means that you can stop depending on third-party apps to record your video and do basic editing. All this just through the app gives a whole new face to the character based social media platform. Before going on and starting to make your video campaign, there are a few things you should note. What are you going for?

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Do you want your video to look organic and homemade? Something that says you are relatable and offer next door solutions at affordable prices? In that case, you can always go for the unedited raw footage videos that tell a story. Maybe a walk through your office demonstrating the work culture in a minute. Or you using your brand product in an effective way. Although no one releases such raw content out there these days, there are still lovers of the unfiltered who will love your true roots and in times of corporate lying and faking, a little bit of honesty never hurt. On the other end, we have slick processed content – think Apple.

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Post Processing

First thing first, decide the length of your video. People don’t have time to spend more than a minute on your content unless it is truly intriguing and interesting. Ads that scream for attention are the ones that I usually skip. In today’s millennial market, you can choose to start your ad with a question. A question that doesn’t appeal to everyone. A question that matters to a select target. Trying to please everyone and garner their attention is definitely not going to work. Always choose to work with your select audience.

Use a well-skilled team to edit and polish out the edges. Color grading and smooth transitions can take your video to the next level. Invest in high production value to show your strengths. Twitter is one of the only social media platforms where the videos start playing without a click. You can be scrolling through your feed and the video will start playing. This is why the starting few seconds of your video are the most important of all! Have a keen eye out for the emotions conveyed through it.

Going Live

Have you noticed a particular trend in the social media circles? Instagram is usually used by people as a form of personal photo blogging. Facebook, although dwindling in the number of young users is the best place for communities and groups. Twitter takes a whole new sphere here – It is the place where you can get all the latest news and trends. The latest product releases, the most curious updates on celebrity lifestyle – its all up there for grabs. On a platform driven by trends, Twitter is the best place where you can put up a live video.

Using the in-app extension of Periscope, users now have the ability to go live for their followers. Suppose you got exclusive tickets to the auto expo, and you get to see something really unique – a prototype Ducati. You can use Periscope to share the enlightening experience with your followers as well (if it is legal). Live product launches and opening ceremonies for brands are all out there thanks to this live feature.

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Finishing Touches

How to best use my promotion, you might ask. Context is all that matters. If you are going live on a product launch, you can create a sneak peek video that’s a few seconds long. Promote the video all through Twitter with links to the live event. Watch how the number of viewers floods in minutes. Another cool tactic you can use is my making the best of your captions. Whatever new features might come and go, Twitter is still about the words at heart. So this means captions can make a difference and the user base here are usually readers.

Making the best out of your video marketing campaign is of prime importance for a brand today. I hope this article was able to clear out a few doubts that you have with how to make the best of promoted videos on Twitter. If you would like to know more about interactive and dynamic ways for better reach, Adhuntt has got your back. Their valuable solutions for complex problems especially in the art of marketing has been very beneficial to me. Do make sure you share your thoughts and ask away any doubts in the comment section. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Until next time, Ciao!

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