SAP Business One Starter Package: Streamlined Business Process From Day One


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Congratulations on starting your new business! Yes, it takes many sleepless nights to stabilize a new business and create a process around it. And, creating a business for a startup is a task that’s exceedingly difficult to execute. Most small businesses do not have enough time or workforce to create and maintain a coherent business process. Thus, survival is the principal focus during this period.

There exists a simple solution for startups to find order in chaos. The solution is ERP implementation. However, most small businesses think that quality ERP software is out of their financial reach. But the good news is – that’s not the case anymore. SAP, the premier ERP software company, has developed an ERP solution that’s specifically made for small businesses. Small business owners won’t need to burn a hole in their pockets to implement this ERP solution. So, on the one hand, there’s the dependability of SAP, and on the other, there’s the assurance of a business process that is tightly integrated from day one – that too at an unbelievably low price.

Start Your Startup Journey With SAP Business One Starter Package

SAP Business One Starter Package happens to be the small version of SAP Business One. Nevertheless, it is fully equipped with all the indispensable features that an ERP must-have. Small businesses generally don’t opt for ERP software during the initial years of their operations. Instead, they rely heavily on traditional spreadsheets and manual processes.  

Just How Affordable is the SAP Business One Starter Pack?

SAP Business One is offered both as an on-prem and off-prem software. However, it’s the subscription cost of the off-prem cloud-hosted SAP Business One Starter Package that makes it hugely popular. It has a one-time implementation fee of Rs.49,000. The right ERP partner will take care of the setup and configuration process. So, you don’t need to fumble with lifting legacy data and shifting it to the new ERP. On top of that, since the whole setup is hosted on a secure cloud, the startups or small businesses need not have to worry about anything. 

Build A Startup With A Strong Foundation With SAP Business One Starter Package

In the initial years, most startups work with spreadsheets and legacy software to manage their business process. As they scale up, this setup becomes inefficient. Rather than smoothening the business process, the manual work process with legacy software obstructs business operations within a few years of growth. This forces them to switch to an ERP solution. However, by then, they are already too deep into business, and overhauling the business process results in severe operational disruptions.

This is where SAP Business One Starter Package comes in. Startups don’t need a full-fledged ERP solution from day one. But they need a solution that can enable them to upgrade to a complete ERP solution without a single-day disruption as they scale their business up.

But does that mean an ERP solution can help a startup only when it scales up? No! Once a small business implements SAP Business One Starter Pack, it gains a competitive advantage over its similar competitors from day one. A startup has many pain points during its initial years –

  • During the first few years, a small business doesn’t have a dependable business process. Survival is the main focus during this period. This lack of business process can result in bottlenecks, slow delivery of service and products, poor information flow among different departments. The end result is customer dissatisfaction.
  • Cash flow is a big problem for startups. In fact, without a positive cash flow, securing funding can be a real challenge.
  • While spreadsheets can be good for accounting, other aspects of the small business like – inventory management, sales, and CRM, purchase and supplier management, etc can’t be done with spreadsheets. Companies need to use other software for these things. And day by day, the startup starts getting overwhelmed with so many software and haphazard systems.
  • Above all, in this era of automation, if the startup can’t invest in advanced automation from the start.

With SAP Business One Starter Package, the small business can gain instant visibility into each of its aspects. Lack of workforce will no longer be a problem. Above everything else, you get to automate your business process. For example, the inventory quantity automatically gets updated when you deliver a product eliminating manual data entry and spreadsheet updation.

A startup’s success with an ERP depends largely on the ERP software’s efficiency. With Uneecops as your SAP Business One Starter Package implementation partner, experience a well-ordered, trouble-free implementation. Embrace an agile, digitally transformed business process right from day one of your startup.  Once your business flourishes and grows big, scaling up the ERP won’t be an issue. You can painlessly upgrade to the full version of SAP Business One to experience the full potential of this ERP.

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