Rules for a Happy Relationship


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In simple words relationship is an association which can be between two or more things,people, countries, firms or families etc. It may be a state of being emotionally, physically, mentally or socially connected to someone.

To any bonding, friendship and mutual understanding lays the rock solid foundation which can prove be a true partnership. A good relationship is based on kindness, compassion, where the communication is continuous and filled with positivity, the one to which our approach is conscious. Such relations are satisfactorily mutually beneficial to those two beings.

There is no rocket science or formula or any algorithm to find and make congeniality and happiness survive in a relationship rather than making ourselves that “someone” to create it. Just remember some rules for a happy relationship:

  • Honesty is the best policy as it’s the little things that counts in long run
  • Not tolerating but accepting your partner with all their similarities and differences you share makes it feel safe to share with each other your true self as one is not afraid of being judged.
  • Showing attention may mean love , passion and desire but respect symbolises deeper connect in order to valuing the partner at innate level without wanting anything in return
  • If honesty, trust, respect and acceptance are in place, loyalty comes automatically. In any case of change of heart, it should be discussed openly.
  • Happy is better than being right all the times. Arguments are a part of healthy relations but should be handled with active listening and offering empathy, being patient, not judging and still connecting to each other.
  • What is happening in your relationship should not be served for public consumption. It should be your business only.
  • Being yourselves and letting others be who they are is the key to maintain a sense of self worth as a good relationship is not about being controlling or dominating or changing the others’ self of being.
  • Show appreciation, consideration and gratitude not gratification towards your partner. Be grateful for who they are it will keep you connected as stronger than ever.
  • Don’t restrict the expressions of love, show them, communicate you gestures.Don’t confuse sex or attraction with love.
  • Enjoy the present without being anxious of what will happen in future as by doing that we don’t live either in present or future, we simply end up living, assuming like we are never going to die and actually die without ever being truly lived.
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As they say happiness is not a destination to reach to but a journey you travel throughout.Great relations are not great because they have no problems but because those two individuals care enough to solve problems and not run from them, they actually accept each others’ pasts and presents, are available for each other through thick and thin ,encourages  to grow, will let you go and trust you to come back. So, this is how to stay happy in relationship.

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