RPA: The Guardian Angel for BPO Companies!


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RPA (Robotic Process Information), a software that can be programmed to perform your business functions easily! RPA’s software is an artificial bot that is trained to perform business functions and it thereafter performs the same without any hindrance.

RPA can help businesses collect customer information, get a bot to answer the customers through emails and text and this helps the business enhance its customer satisfaction. RPA bots are basically designed to manage business monotonous tasks to save the in-house agents to perform the core functions only. It simplifies the business process and makes managerial tasks easier for the business.

However, many organizations have a query that how RPA affects BPO companies? Will a BPO company excel with the use of RPA or its task in-house will be disrupted?

Well, these are some common questions asked by most of the companies after the introduction of RPA. Many companies also fear that RPA will soon be the end of outsourcing and that BPO firms will automate all tasks ending manual requirements. However, this thought is irrelevant!

After the success of RPA in several business sectors, BPOs have started integrating automated services into their business operations just because it brings the feasibility of delivering outstanding services.


There is no view of RPA to end manual tasks, as many functions that require human presence cannot be solved with a bot at work. Such situations require manual assistance and this is why saying RPA will be the end of outsourcing and manual functions is wrong.

When we talk about bots replacing humans in BPOs, we do not mean the end of outsourcing but a service that will be the guardian angel for BPO companies.

Here is how RPA makes the BPO services better:

  • Saves business cost.
  • Make the business functions more accurate.
  • Makes a software bot available at service so that tasks are automated delivering enriched results.
  • RPA follows standard operating procedures, so the information you feed in is the process it follows. This is why there is no chance of bringing a negative impact on your business customers.

How is RPA the guardian angel for BPOs?

RPA offers a differentiated solution

BPOs know the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why call centre companies look forward to providing differentiated solutions to some particular clients. Customers always want services that are up-to-date, flexible and innovative, and RPA helps to provide the needed requirements to keep the customers’ happy.

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A business can retain and keep the customers loyal only until the organization keeps on providing unique services and automated functions. RPA helps the business customers’ achieve the kind of service they want and keeps the customers aware and interested in the business offerings with innovative ideas.

Cost control

Since RPA mechanizes the business functions, it saves the business cost on manual hiring. BPO company although needs manual expertise, they can control costs by automating services to much extent.

Many monotonous tasks that do not need human vigilance can be automated. Tasks like replying to customers’ queries where a bot is directed to answer a simple reply no sooner a query arises is a good example of automated service.

The bot can deliver a message to the customer and ask her/him to wait as the business connects to the customer to solve the issue. When customers’ receive an instant answer, they feel the responsiveness of the business.

Moreover, hiring, training, and threats of attrition is no more an issue with automated services saving business expenses.

Accurate tasks

Automating the business functions, there is no need to worry over the accuracy of services. Bots designed to offer particular service work on a pre-designed format and they repeat the same functions thereafter. Therefore, accuracy is not compromised with automated functions while manual services may vary at times.

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BPO companies having a team of manual workers have the possibility of non-accurate results and these varying customer responses may hurt them. However, when a bot performs the same function, there is no chance of inaccurate results. This is why RPA today is the necessity of BPO providers.


Every reputed BPO company craves for consistency in its functions and RPA helps here! Automated functions homogenize the experience and take care of all repetitive functions that require precision.

At times, even the most competent individuals working for years fail to match the same consistency of getting to the customers with the same enthusiasm and accurate answers. This is where automated services solve the issue.

Customer satisfaction

When a BPO company integrates RPA service in its business functions, it boosts customer satisfaction. Since customers get an automated service, where they do not have to wait in queues anymore to get to the business agent, this, therefore, enhances customer satisfaction automatically. There are many more perks that BPOs enjoy with RPA integration.

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