Robust Custom Straps to Complement Your Brand New Apple Watch


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Apple watches are made with a combination of elegance, beauty and perfection. Their luxurious look and awesome features are incomparable with other smart watches present in the market. Moreover, Apple has allowed us to customise the smart watch according to your personal preferences. All the latest models of Apple watch have features to detach and replace straps very conveniently. Both sides of the straps are equipped with push buttons to slide out the straps for new replacement. Apart from the accessories store of Apple, many other renowned brands are also selling their straps. Apple watches are obviously expensive gadgets that you cannot equip with any random strap. Along with style, it also should be robust enough to survive in tough conditions. If you have recently bought and apple watch and want to customise it with a robust yet stylish strap, here is some information to consider. 

Tips to buy durable and attractive apple watch straps

1. Choosing the material

The material you are referring to your smart watch strap will decide whether it is wearable in rough conditions or not.   As per the currently available options, you can buy metal strap and nylon strap for the best in class strength. Here we will explain which kind of straps in this categories would be suitable. 

Metal straps

If you want something luxurious to match your formal suit in the party, it is advisable to go with the option of metal. Metal straps are electroplated for embellishment purposes. You can choose between options like rose gold, yellow gold, black gold or platinum plating. Metal straps are also available in different shapes. We recommend Apple watch milliners loop because it is robust as well as flexible too. Loops are made up of weaving tiny metal links together to give it a seamless smooth texture. 

Nylon straps

If luxury is not your primary preference but needs something robust for outdoor purpose, nylon is the best option. This synthetic material has enough durability to handle the parachute. The Millanes strap of the Apple watch is not suitable to wear in rough conditions. However, you can wear a nylon strap everywhere without worrying about damage. We recommend these straps while going out to the gym or practicing on the ground. 

2. Feasible design

While talking about the physical design, we need to make sure that it is providing adequate comfort as well as safeguarding your apple watch properly. The strap should be thick and strong enough to survive normal wear and tear. There should be no sharp edges or gaps that may cause damage to the skin. 

3. Skin friendly material

Are you allergic to a specific kind of metal or leather? This is among the most important things you need to consider before buying an apple watch gold milanese loop. If it is metal, there should be no nickel composition because it is hyperallergic. On leather straps, allergic reaction warnings are mentioned. If allergy is your primary concern, it is advisable to go with the option of silicone. This is a hypoallergenic material and has good strength. Along with skin friendly, it also feels very comfortable even if you are wearing it for the whole day. 

This information is enough to choose the most suitable strap for Apple watch. Along with durability and comfort, don’t forget to choose your style. After all, customisation options are available only for personalising your watch in a unique way. straps in multiple colours and textures are available in the market to complement yaar wrist. 


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