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What if I tell you that there is a way to record webinars by capturing what you see on the screen without having to install any application on your computer and totally free? It seems there is a real trick. If you would love to know more details about this new tool, keep reading.

What is RecordCast?

RecordCast is presented as a solution to record and edit videos captured from your screen totally free, without the need to install any application, and best of all … free of advertising or watermark.

Using the new Javascript and HTML functionalities, the RecordCast team has developed a very interesting web application for those who work capturing the content of their screens, such as YouTubers or Gamers, or business people for webinars.

RecordCast – Screen Recorder

RecordCast - Screen Recorder

It is not necessary to register an account on the platform to start recording the screen, one of the significant points in its favor. When entering its website, it allows you to start recording the screen of your device easily. You only have to select the recording mode and sound recording method to get started. When you click on the record button, the browser will ask you to choose the window you want to capture from which you have open (to avoid missing a tiny detail and select “Your Entire Screen”).

During the recording, we will see the recording time that we have taken. We can now go to the window that we want to capture and not worry while RecordCast is recording what is shown on the screen along with the audio from both the screen and the microphone, in case we have one connected.

When we finish the recording, we will only have to click on the “Stop” button to continue with the next step.

Alternatively, we can go to a screen where we can see a preview of what we have recorded and the option to download the video or edit it thanks to its online video editor.

When downloading the video, it will be downloaded in .webm format. If you want to download the file in MP4, click the “Edit and Export in MP4” button.

RecordCast – Video Editor

RecordCast - Video Editor

The editor it offers is very simple but effective. We can add as many scenes as we want, images from our computer, text, music, widgets, and text effects to improve it.

Being satisfied with the result, you can export it in 3 different qualities: 480p, 720, 1080p. One factor you need to take into account is that you need to register in the system to be able to save the edition of our videos and continue working later.


RecordCast is presented as a very interesting alternative when it comes to capturing the content and sound of your webinars in video format to be able to edit it later, either on its same platform or any editor you have at hand.

Who is it designed for? RecordCast is aimed at teachers, YouTubers, gamers, business people, or anyone who needs to record the content of their screen along with the audio. Its main characteristics are:

  • 100% free.
  • No registration or download is required.
  • Three recording modes: Screen, Webcam, or both at the same time.   
  • Take full screen, the application window, or the Chrome tab, as needed.
  • You have the option of recording the sound from the microphone, computer system, or none.

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