Reasons Why Belts Are A Great Fashion Accessory


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Belts have been a mainstay in fashion since 3300 BCE. While their appearance may have changed somewhat, the idea behind them hasn’t; to offer a simple and stylish way to support trousers. 

You might ask, is that all there is to a belt? Also, why do some belts never seem to go out of fashion?

This blog will look at why the belt is still the mainstay in many wardrobes and why you can probably do with having some more in your clothing rotation.


Belts can be a tricky accessory to pull off. When the buckle is too big, they can look overly showy. Or, if they are too small, they go unnoticed with certain outfits. However, certain types of belts, like the ones on can offer the perfect blend of versatility and fashion. Some belts are thin, thick, colorful, or dark and practically go with any outfit. They come in a range of patterns, too, so you can match them to any clothing style you wish with ease. They can add a touch of shade to a brightly colored outfit or a touch of color to an outfit that is darker. All with minimal effort!

Adds Structure

It can happen to anyone. You order a dress online, only to find that it is a bit shapeless when you try it on. What’s the answer? A belt, of course. Even a thin belt made of suede, or leather belts can go a long way towards bringing an outfit together. They can also add definition to your outfit to help you flaunt your figure. 

Not only that, but as mentioned earlier, a splash of color in an outfit can really bring the entire look together and add a bit of a color bar. Creating structure by adding color is not a new idea after all.

Revamp an Outfit

As you may have heard, there is no such thing as an old outfit if you have the right accessories. With some of the completely adjustable belts available online, you can easily make even the most dated outfit seem back in fashion. 

Of course, there is no easier way to revamp an outfit with a more modern-looking chic belt. Add some color matching or color-contrasting other accessories like bangles or earrings, and you’ve got a whole new look!


Belts can be personalized to show off your character. What better way to showcase your personality than with a belt that is tailored to you?

Belts can also be adjustable, allowing you to change between belt buckles as and when you please. This will once again allow you to mix and match your outfits, letting you add your own personality to your clothing. 


Most people think of a belt as an accessory that can only be worn with trousers. As the fashion of the 1950s showed with the waist clencher belt, that is not the case at all.

You can wear a belt with a dress, a skirt, or even a long sweater if you wish. It is the ultimate fashion accessory that is easily adaptable to any look. 

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