A Quick Guide to Self-Entertainment on a Long Cruise


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Not so long ago, cruise trips didn’t offer much to do. You could get a drink, sunbathe on the pool deck, meet a few new people, and that’s all. But it’s not the case in 2021. These days there’s no shortage of fun and exciting cruise activities on the magnificent floating palaces. You can find anything including thrilling adrenaline-inducing pursuits and fully relaxing pastimes. On a modern cruise, the onboard activities are so numerous that they’ll easily keep you busy for a whole week. Plus, when you try all the explorations and activities in cruise ports, the chances of getting bored during your sea adventure get close to zero. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself, as we’ve put together this list of top ways to entertain yourself on a long cruise.

Get Lucky on the Ship Casino

Here’s the thing: the casino is present on every cruise ship. It’s impossible to miss since every cruise company puts a great emphasis on their casino entertainment. The gambling rooms are at the center of the ship where you can enjoy your favorite games, such as Book of Ra. And don’t worry if you see the casino closed. You are just not on the sea yet. Gambling starts once the ship leaves the port.

The games in ship casinos are mostly classical gambling games like slots, craps, blackjack, roulette, etc. But some games exist only in cruise casinos. The coin-pusher machines, for example. Ever played one before? It’s a simple and super fun game where you drop a coin in the machine and win whatever your money manages to push off the edge of a platform. Sometimes the prize is more coins, and sometimes every coin has an additional award.

Enjoy a Nice Workout

Going to the gym should be among your Genting Dream cruise activities. They have pretty innovative equipment you can’t find in an ordinary fitness studio. Plus, you’ll train under the watchful eye of a personal trainer. And the best part is that cruise ship sports classes cater to all levels of fitness. So pack your sports clothes and get ready to sweat a little on your cruise trip. It freshens you up and lifts the mood before a night full of entertainment.

Get Entertained

Are you a fan of performances? Then you should seek out the cultural cruise activities for adults for your upcoming trip. Some ships even have theaters and music halls. The Royal Caribbean cruise, for example, lets you catch Broadway shows, Aqua Theater shows ice skating performances, etc.

And if you enjoy concerts, you’d be thrilled to know that a typical cruise ship has several locations around the ship with musicians playing live music. They play different styles that are easy to listen to and brighten up your evening’s atmosphere. The talented entertainers and romantic setting are also the primary reasons why many people choose a cruise ship for their wedding party. Many cruise liners have set up all the necessary services for the ceremony. You can board the ship for the ceremony only, or the entire trip. There’s no better way to spend the honeymoon than sailing the ocean.

Spend Time Shopping

You can get some great deals on cruise ships. That’s because the shopping is just like in airports: duty-free. Perfumes, sunglasses, watches, and even jewelry are available at lower prices than in regular shops. So add a little shopping tour to your list of cruise activities for families. You can find bargain items for everyone.

Check Out the Thrills on Board

Typical carnival cruise boat activities include sky rides, trampolines, rope courses, and even kart tracks. The karting speedways can spread across different decks and have enough twists to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping in a tense race against other drivers.

Wine-Tasting Events

If you’re looking for cruise activities for seniors, or adults, you can visit a wine-tasting event. The enjoyable courses take you into the world of savory wines with unexpected and delightful tastes. You’ll learn everything about wine. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening: educating yourself while getting warmed up by quality drinks.

Water park – Perfect for Energetic Kids

Where to take your kids who seem to have endless energy? To the water park, of course. Every big cruise ship built in the past few years has one. And again, the cruise water activities’ attractions are unique. Your kids will have all possible activities on the water. One thing’s for sure: your kids can entertain themselves for hours in these parks.

Cruise Activities for the Smallest Kids

Are you thinking of bringing toddlers to your cruise trip? You are welcome. Modern cruises have everything you need to cater to your young passengers. And check out these exciting Disney cruise activities for toddlers:

  • Aqua Lab comes with geysers, leaky pipes, and pop jets designed to amuse your smallest ones. Plus, there’s a lounge area where parents can watch their kids without getting wet.

  • Toddler Time is a playtime event where the staff interact with your kids and encourages them to play.
  • Nemo’s Reef is another water park for toddlers. It’s named and themed after the movie Finding Nemo.


So these were our top activities on modern cruise ships. You can use any of the activities from this list to fill your sea days with thrills and excitement. There’s something for the super active people and those who like to chill and enjoy a glass of wine. So here’s to your next sea trip! Let it be adventurous!

What are your favorite cruise and excursions activities? Tell us about your sea travels in the comments.

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