7 Qualities That You Need In a QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Provider

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QuickBooks Enterprise is a desktop application utilized by different firms to manage bills, accounting, expenses, payments, and payroll. In addition, businesses use it to automate accounting and bookkeeping tasks. However, it is a location-restricted and resource-dependent solution that can only survive on local resources. 

To mitigate the challenges arising from the desktop dependency of QuickBooks Enterprise, organizations have started hosting it on the cloud. Therefore, you just require a reliable QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider to extract the benefits of the cloud. However, choosing the right QuickBooks hosting provider requires proper research. 

Below we have explained 7 qualities that your QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provider should have.

Towards the end of this article, you will also find a checklist that can be referred to when you are searching for a hosting provider. 

Qualities to Look For in a QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Provider

  • Advanced-Data Centre Standards

Once QuickBooks Enterprise is hosted on the cloud, the servers host business-critical data. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the service provider follows a healthy compliance structure. 

For example, one of the essential compliance standards is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). This is important for industries or businesses accepting payments via debit/credit cards.

Another example of data center standards is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which binds healthcare organizations to secure the personal data of patients.

Find a QuickBooks hosting provider that follows compliance standards according to your industry to reduce security implementation hassle at your end. 

  • Big Customer Base

A QB Enterprise hosting provider with an extensive customer base only ensures that your business requirements are met.

When a service provider has a big customer base, they likely have experience working with different industries. Since every business has different needs and unique implementation requirements, the provider learns and grows with these cloud hosting setups. As a result, the hosting provider with more customers means they are better equipped to handle urgent and unidentified requirements of your business. As a result, they are more likely to offer you a legitimate and valuable QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution.

  • Seamless Solution Scalability

Scalability is a well-known benefit of the cloud and a must in today’s challenging times. 

Small and medium businesses have a dynamic business landscape and changing workloads. For example, they may require more resources to store more data and extra data processing power during the peak season. However, when this requirement stabilizes, they may want to descale. 

Therefore, for changing business demands, hosting providers offer a flexible scalability model. Your provider should be able to scale as well as descale resources on-demand quickly in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Advanced Data Security

When hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, security is a major concern in today’s digital age. So, finding a provider that passes security, data privacy, and compliance requirements is the key. 

Therefore, your hosting provider should offer:

  1. Multi-factor authentication that allows secure sign-in to the cloud server 
  2. Firewalls to prevent shielding the data 
  3. Efficient intrusion detection and prevention system
  4. End-to-end data encryption 
  5. Regular security audits
  6. Physical security of the cloud data center
  • Hassle-Free Customer Support

Once you migrate your QB Enterprise to the cloud successfully, there can occur instances when you face any technical issue in case of an emergency or during a disaster. There are chances that your IT team might not be skilled enough to manage such complexities. 

Hosting QB Enterprise on the cloud offers a hassle-free experience only if the customer support by the provider is responsive, quick, and reliable. 

The support should be equipped to cater to impromptu queries, system crashes, and other emergencies. Their IT team should have the power to resolve issues quickly without locking the situation for 3-5 business days. 

  • High Server Uptime

The most important benefit of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is mobility or remote access. But you cannot access your QB data if your provider does not offer the optimum uptime. 

Currently, reputed QB hosting providers offer at least 99.99% uptime. This accounts for only a few minutes of downtime in a year.

To understand the promised uptime of the QB Enterprise hosting provider, gain insight into their server and infrastructure redundancy model. More the number of replicated servers or data centers at geographically isolated locations, the better uptime you receive.

  • Disaster Recovery Support

Regardless of your office location, natural disasters are inevitable. Thus, every business has a slight chance of losing its data. However, it is possible to recover data if your hosting provider offers disaster recovery support. 

Reputed service providers backup your data regularly and store it at multiple data centers. So, when a disaster strikes, they can retrieve your data quickly and help you continue with your business operations. 

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Provider Checklist

  1. Secure compliance structure of the data center 
  2. Extensive customer base to prove the efficiency 
  3. Hassle-free and quick scalability options
  4. Reliable data security 
  5. Responsive customer support 
  6. 99.99% or higher uptime 
  7. Regular backups and disaster recovery support


QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is a state-of-art service designed to enhance the benefits of your QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop. However, receiving the benefits of QB Enterprise hosting is only possible with the selection of the right QB hosting provider. Hence, check the important qualities mentioned above that you need in your QB hosting provider.

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