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Fond of virtual reality? If being smart is not enough, go smarter with the best picks of PlayStation 4 games. While the markets are flooded with endless options in the category, it all comes down to the one that fits your taste and does not upset the budget as well. Worry not, following are few top rated play station 4 games that are sure to garner your attention under $30.So if you are planning to invest in, do consider the list.

1.Battlefield 1


Battlefield 1,a first-person shooter  video game, impressively play up the team work which is all set in the times of World War 1.The game is one of the best selling squad play inspired by the historical events. What’s more striking about the games are it’s features like sound effects, visuals and multiplayer mode supporting upto 64 players in one go that is perfectly put together by the developer,EA DICE.The game supports various platforms like Microsoft windows, PlayStation 4,Xbox one.

To avail the game at its best selling price, redeem the target coupons raining heavy discounts in the category.

2.Friday the 13th : The Game

Get ready to dig deeper the secrets of an half-open world with this horror game. The game is based on the movie under the same title. It let’s play eight players at a time which required intelligent team work, coordination and planning to come out alive before the time runs out. The game permits both single player as well as multiplayer mode.The theme of the game is to survive the map alive by completing its side objectives which eventually buys time for the players to stand long enough.It is an outstanding game requiring coordination with other players to combat the threat faced during the game session.Black power studios,being the developer of game has made the game playable on Microsoft windows,Xbox one and Playstation 4.

Price-The full game can be availed for just $28.95.

3.Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate 

If you are obsessed with kinesis then here is the thrilling action game,developed by EA Dice. The games is the third release in the battlefront series of the Star Wars franchise which is less like a sequel and more of a reboot.The game received worldwide praise for its visuals,musical scores and exemplary production value as well as gamely.The lack of content for single and multiplayer mode however got criticised.The game can be played as first-person or third-person mode and the platforms can be switched at any instant during the session.The battles are all about the planets,restricting one another from exploring the universe by using both land as well as air vehicles.Multiplayer mode is the main front of this game.

The game is up for grab for just $24.95.

4.Flatout 4 :Total insanity 

If speed is your thing then the fourth release of the flatout series is sure to pace up your heart.This is a racing video game featuring local as well as online players,developed by Kylotonn.The game is open to both the player modes on the standard platforms like Microsoft windows,Xbox and Playstation 4. The theme of the game is insane enough to let your madness overflow.

Price-The insane package is available at a sanity saver price for just $24.95.

5.The Evil Within

To survive the horror displayed in the game, the story unfolds in chapters to proceed through the content. To subdue the dangers of game, the fight or flight strategy is the key component of the game played from third person perspective. The players will learn eventually when to run or face the adversities, escape the traps once you start to play. This thrilling and mysterious game is developed by Tango Game works under the genre, survival horror,favouring single player in one game session.

Price-This challenging and exciting pack of horror is just at the price you would love to grab,$24.95

If you love to experience the perks of the virtual world, gaming should definitely cross the mind. Not only it keeps you mentally active but also lets you explore the unveiled strategies. So be ready to imbibe the craze at ease.

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