Pemf Mat as a Healing Tool, why?


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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is very effective in improving the health of cells in our body, strengthening the body’s immune system, recovery of muscles, and restoration of the central nervous system. The Pemf mat produces low-level magnetic frequencies into a patient’s body. These magnetic frequencies while penetrating the muscles, bones, tendons, and various organs, initiate a natural healing process just by stimulating the cells. Hence, these mats are considered powerful healing tools. Extensive research conducted by NASA and various other organizations confirmed that the benefits of PEMF therapy are many. This form of electromagnetic therapy not only reduces pain and improves the immune system but enhances blood circulation, facilitates repair and recovery of cells, completely heals swelling and inflammation, helps muscles improve their performance, improves oxygenation in tissues, and provides better sleep. Moreover, PEMF therapy retards the aging process by way of stimulating the production of two anti-aging hormones – HGH and Melatonin.

PEMF Therapy will Recharge the Cells

Cells in our body get recharged as a result of PEMF therapy. When energy is induced into the cells through the mats, the healing process is stimulated. When the electric current passes through the damaged cells in the body, pain and inflammation are stopped, blood circulation is improved and normal cell interaction is restored. The cells are affected because of injury, stress, overuse, age, or ailments. They become unable to fight against the ailment or the damaging forces. The PEMF therapy facilitates the induction of pulsed energy waves into the cells of the injured or affected area of the body. As a result of the waves passing through the cells the spin of electrons increases and thereby restores the cell’s energy. This cellular effect will last up to four days. Without administering any medicine, PEMF therapy helps restore the health of the patient naturally. The actual process involves interaction between electrical current and the cells. Ultimately, the mats recharge the depleted cells in the body of the patient.

PEMF Device to Ward off Pain from Head to Toe

The PEMF devices are widely used by people the world over who suffer from chronic pain of the head, neck, back, and joints. Patients with cervical osteoarthritis get great relief from their pain through PEMF therapy. Patients who use the device are able to improve their movements and come out of their disability to a considerable extent. PEMF therapy helps increase bone formation in patients with back-related ailments. Post-surgery back pain is also cured by PEMF. Many rheumatic patients prefer this treatment method because it does not require hospitalization, reduces morbidity and the patient doesn’t have to undergo surgery. PEMF therapy is effective not only in treating the symptoms of arthritis but also in reversing the cause of arthritis. Apart from providing relief from arthritis pain, PEMF therapy cures inflammation, ensures chondroprotective, and facilitates strengthening and remodeling of bones. PEMF devices provide relief from chronic ailments that affect any part of our body. Sufferers of fibromyalgia can get relief from the pain after undergoing PEMF treatment. PEMF devices are widely used in the treatment of osteoporosis. In the cases of primary osteoporosis PEMF relieves the patient from the pain very quickly whereas, in the case of secondary osteoporosis, it helps to enhance bone formation and improve bone mineral density (BMD). 

Other Ailments that are Treated using PEMF Therapy

In addition to arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and rheumatic pain, PEMF therapy assures great relief from various other ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, cardiac ailments, cancer, diabetes, depression, Lou Gehrig’s disease, glaucoma, hepatitis, kidney ailments, epilepsy, endometriosis, headache, lung problems, pancreatitis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, ulcers, strokes, urinary problems, Tourette’s disease, injury of the spinal cord, sleep disorders, sexual disorders and more. 


Various clinical studies proved that PEMF therapy is safe. However, pregnant women are to have refrained from PEMF therapy. 

A Healing Tool

A Pemf mat is considered a healing tool because it reduces or arrests pain and inflammation by inducing low-level electromagnetic current into the damaged cells. The electromagnetic current increases blood circulation to cells and restores normal cell interaction. When pain and inflammation are stopped, the energy level goes up and the process of healing of the tissues gains momentum. The electromagnetic vibrations produced by the PEMF devices facilitate the repair and regeneration of affected tissues. PEMF devices send electromagnetic currents throughout the body to facilitate the natural healing of pain and inflammation. PEMF promotes bone health and joint health. While healing the pain and inflammation, PEMF therapy also provides relief from stress and facilitates relaxation of the mind.

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