Patrika Gate, one of the Most Beautiful Places in Jaipur


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Social networks have been filled with photos of users posing next to the beautiful Patrika Gate. One of the most colorful monuments in India.

Everyone feels a strange fascination for oriental cultures. The mysticism that surrounds them and their rich architecture make constructions such as the Patrika Gate, in India, a corner for photography lovers. Luckily, this colorful corner still does not receive numerous visits. Thus, you are still in time to travel and get lost in this rainbow of high portals.

The origin of Patrika Gate

This beautiful building is located in one of the largest circular parks in Asia, the Jawahar Circle, in Jaipur. It was Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who ordered a large wall to be built to protect the city center from the rest.

In addition to the wall, eight entrance gates to the city were built. One more would be added, the Patrika Gate, the last to be built. It rose in the center of Jawahar Circle Park, today, one of the city’s green lungs.

Although it is very easy to access it thanks to its proximity to Jaipur airport, the door has been out of tourist circles until relatively recently. This fact attract attention, since there are many who consider the Patrika Gate one of the most colorful places in India. In fact, countless instagramers begin to lay their eyes on her.

Patrika Gate, the door of a thousand colors

Jawahar Circle Park is located in southern Jaipur, also known as the Pink City. It is a circular park that has many species of plants of the region. But, without a doubt, its main point of interest is the opportunity to stroll through one of the most colorful corners of the country.

The Patrika Gate is formed by nine doors with its nine pavilions and measures more than 30 meters high by 25 meters wide. One of the peculiarities of this door is its pink color, which predominates throughout the structure. In addition, it is adorned with other brightly colored elements and with huge letters of Rajasthan.

We can also contemplate, as we walk through them, the dedication and perfection of the old artisans. Each of its elements has been carved and drawn with different murals that tell stories of the royalty of Rajasthan. These show portraits of rulers, weddings and important battles, among others.

Every detail is made by hand, hence its artistic and historical value. In addition, we can find small jewels and brightly colored stones to enrich the value of each pavilion. All a waste of creativity to beautify one of its most beautiful monuments.

A place of trends

It has been during the last months when it has acquired prominence in the international scene. It’s easy to find pictures of her on all social networks, especially on Instagram. It has also become a benchmark as a stage for photo shoots of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, who has posed between the colorful doors.

Similarly, Jawahar Circle Park also offers recreation and picnic areas. And you can also enjoy an entertaining show in the fountains of the garden that begins in the afternoon.

Visiting the Patrika Gate is highly recommended, since it has not yet begun to be sold within the tour packages offered by the city of Jaipur. In addition, to access the Jawahar Circle Park it is not necessary to pay admission. Nor does it have a specific schedule for the visit, so we can access the site with comfort.

The only price we will have to pay if we want to visit the Patrika Gate will be the displacement. The price to be agreed, if we choose to go with a private driver, should not exceed 400 rupees for a round trip. In the same way, we can choose to travel in a pink rickshaw, one of the typical vehicles of the city. There is also a free parking.

In addition, from the airport and by vehicle, it does not take more than five minutes to arrive. However, if we decide to move from the center of the Pink City it will take more than 30 minutes to arrive, since the traffic in the central area of ​​Jaipur can become very intense.

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