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The world has moved digital and there are no two thoughts about it. Everything, product or service is now available on a click of the mouse or a tap on your smart phone. One of the biggest service in the services sector is education. In the world of digitalisation the conversion of knowledge had to move out of the university and schools’ classroom and be available to anyone who seeks it. Online knowledge sharing is the need of the hour as it encourages learning without having to bind oneself to a rigid schedule of class attendance, laborious enrollment structures and meeting dictatorial eligibility criteria rather than aptitude and interests.

In this revolution there are many players who have contributed to the promotion of digitalisation of education. Courseera.com started as anaggregator of educational expertise and giants like LinkedIn pitched in with their allied projects like LinkedIn Learning. In India, however there are various sector based digital learning providers like Byjus.com who provide school and college coaching classes online but the freeway learning and knowledge platform remained missing until ourcoaching.com appeared on the front. It’s uniqueness lies in the tapping the talent of knowledge that exists in a common person’s mind or to channelize a subject matter experts views to the plate of the one who’s looking for information on that specific topic.

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In a conversation with ourcoaching.com’s young founder Kunal Kapoor he remarked that there is no dearth of knowledge in our country but our system fails to recognise that expertise lies in individuals and not positions. There are people, think-tankers, influencers and subject matter experts who might not be educated in a particular field of study but would have accumulated knowledge on a subject that makes them a more relevant and updated person on a specific topic than most academicians teaching the same thing in a college or university. Ourcoaching.com provides a platform to such experts to share their knowledge with text, graphics and videos to a range of audience.

The world is full of people who have become experts on activities while doing it over a period of time. A software engineer may also be an outdoor activity specialist because s/he took his interest to a next level or a regular office goer who might be a good guitarist. Ourcoaching.com will also connect the seekers of these various interests to the expert in person and all of it without a charge. Co-founder and CTO of the project Sahil Kapoor states that as a student I wanted to avail knowledge from some experts or connect with them to seek clarity but problem as a student is that you are always short on money. Let’s face it. I’ll pay a subscription fee to the platform and then pay the tutor or expert as well; I’d rather escape out of that website and rely on secondary measures of information which is just Google-ing.

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Further, the Kapoor brothers and co-founders, who have spent their lives around Delhi University where they see thousands of civil service and other competitive examination aspirants struggle to find the right kind of institute for their preparation. They realised that given the dynamic nature of the spectrum of educational avenues available, it is next to impossible to eliminate a brick and mortar institute with digital education. An omni-channel approach, therefore, cannot be neglected. For thousands of people in our country who come from hinterland rely on word of mouth reference for shortlisting an institute. As smartphones have taken digitalisation to most interiors and so it is important to enable the end user make their choice online. The site will enable them to read reviews and ratings of an institute before selecting a course to pursue. Well, in today’s world, a consumer checks ratings of toothbrush before putting it in his online cart, we are talking about shaping one’s career.

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Our vedict: The online platform ourcoaching.com surely is an innovative approach to meet requirements of students, knowledge seekers and subject matter experts free of cost. For influencers too, it’s a great platform as they do not require to manage a variety of social media tools to promote their channel. Education is one of the greatest gifts for mankind, let’s avail and share it, especially when it’s free!

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