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With endless TV programs, movies, and series at our fingertips, any dull evening can be transformed into an exciting one. Plus, with smart TVs equipped with internet connections, channel surfing is a thing of the past. Instead, thanks to the world web and modern streaming services, there’s always something to catch our eye. 

One of the most well-known streaming services is Netflix. It provides access to numerous shows and films with various packages. Similar services with additional features also have a chance to gain popularity. So if you are thinking about creating one, let’s talk about the expenses and tasks involved in making a comparable website and mobile app.

What is Netflix Streaming and How Does It Work?

Netflix is one of the most extensive streaming services with considerable content, including movies, cartoons, and TV series. Users can access it by registering and subscribing, as the streaming service uses the Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVOD) model. In addition, the platform is available on a large number of gadgets. 

Netflix is constantly adding new content and providing users with convenient browsing way. For example, users can use the integrated search engine to find something to watch. Also, the platform uses the CineMatch system, which offers users shows according to their interests.

How to Create a Streaming App: Choosing Strategy

To create your streaming app, you should define the right startup strategy. Then, you will need to go through several steps: 

1. Define your niche

The first thing to do is to decide on the direction. As Netflix does, you can provide content for all users or focus on a narrower audience. For example, you can create a platform for kids with children’s TV shows and cartoons. 

2. Build a content plan

In addition to determining the type of content, it’s also important to decide exactly how you will provide it to your users. For example, think about how often you plan to update. You should also load each new episode or wait for an entire season. 

Another vital issue is payment – it’s worth deciding in advance whether your content will be free or users will have to pay to watch it. 

3. Get a license for the content

You’ll need a license to host content on your streaming platform. You can rent movies/series directly from a distributor or contact a copyright holder. Both options are acceptable and will allow you to use the content on your streaming service. 

4. Consider the style

When it comes to the style of your service, you can go two ways: 

  • Use the Netflix template and create a similar site
  • Create a unique design with the help of an experienced software provider 

Of course, creating a unique style is the more advantageous option as it will allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and attract more users. 

5. Take into account all platforms

If you plan to create a streaming website, it is equally important to build a mobile app, as many users today spend much more time using mobile devices. 

6. Find your audience

Once you’re ready to develop, you can start attracting your target audience. To find users for your service, you can use such popular methods: 

  • Social networks. Posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are an excellent way to promote your platform. 
  • YouTube. YouTube videos and shorts are just as good a way to promote your site. 
  • Emails. You can write a letter detailing your product and send it to potential customers. 

Choosing a Business Model for Your Service

Deciding on a business model that will meet your needs is equally essential. Typically, video-on-demand platforms implement one of the following monetization strategies: 

Subscription. Users can access unlimited content by paying a monthly subscription to the service. 

Pay-per-view. You can charge for each movie, allowing users to rent or purchase it permanently. 

Advertising. By giving users access to content for free, you can earn money by placing sponsored ads on your site. 

Combining. You can also combine multiple monetization models, such as the one used by YouTube. For example, without a subscription, users have to watch ads, but by purchasing YouTube Premium, they can get rid of them and access some bonus features. 

Tools to Develop a Streaming Service

Some basic set of technologies is used to create an SVOD service: 

  • Web development usually uses Node.JS and C#
  • To develop mobile applications Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS are used. 
  • A TV app requires using programming languages like Node.JS, React, or C#

You may also need some third-party integrations to make the service work better. Among them: 

  • AWS
  • WebRTC
  • Wowza, etc. 

Your technical partner can help you determine the most appropriate technology based on your needs. 

MVP Features to Create Streaming Services

Any streaming service must contain a basic set of features included in the MVP version of the platform. Among them: 


Since services like Netflix provide access to content on a subscription basis, users need to register their accounts. You can offer registration methods such as phone numbers, email, and social media accounts. 

Payment gateway

Be sure to integrate a payment gateway that allows users to pay for your services. For example, you can use built-in Google Pay and Apple Pay for mobile versions. For a website, third-party payment gateways such as Stripe and Braintree will work well. 

User Profile

This feature allows user to save their favorite movies and conveniently manage their account. 

Search Engine

To make it more manageable for users to navigate through a lot of content, create a convenient search tool and add filters. 

Chat and comments

This feature will allow users to freely interact and discuss the movies and shows they watch. 


Stay in touch with your users with this feature. For example, you can notify them when new episodes of their favorite TV show are released. 


Make watching more comfortable by allowing users to adjust the volume of sounds, brightness, subtitles, etc. 

Multi-language support

The more languages your platform supports, the more comprehensive your customer base will be.

Admin panel

Creating a convenient and functional web panel is essential to manage content on your platform.

Once you launch your app and collect the first feedback, you can implement additional advanced features to improve the user experience and help you reach more customers.

Some Critical Requirements for Netflix-Like Streaming Service

For your streaming service to perform well and provide the best user experience, it must meet several requirements:

Reliable storage. All content must be stored in a secure and stable cloud storage so users can access it anytime.

Quality network connection. Refer to the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure a stable network connection, fast response time, and avoid server overloads.

High bandwidth. Take care to reduce the likelihood of lagging by ensuring that you can view content comfortably.

Safety. Protect your service from third-party interference. You can use a security token, domain restrictions, geo-restrictions, and SSL encryption.

Cost to Create Streaming Service like Netflix

The cost of developing a Netflix-like service depends on many factors, including the number and complexity of functions, the time spent on development, the hourly rate of the selected software vendor, and so on. However, the cost of developing a streaming platform includes the following services:

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • UI/UX design
  • Application for Android
  • Applications for iOS

We’ve done some research to help you understand the cost of building a streaming service based on a typical $50 hourly rate in the CEE region.

Building a website and native apps for iOS and Android with MVP functions can take approximately 3400 – 3600 hours

Thus, the cost of developing a Netflix-like service will be $170,000 – $180,000.


After reviewing the materials of the article, you learned more about how to prepare for creating a streaming service like Netflix and what features and technologies to use. If you already have an idea, share it with an experienced software provider who will help bring it to life and create a unique streaming platform for you.

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