Most Frequent Drainage Problems and Role of CCTV Drainage Investigation


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Drainage clogging is a common but stubborn problem of all residential and commercial places. This is an unexpected issue we experience any time whether it is day or midnight. Imagine suddenly your water drainage system blocks and dirty water is spreading all over the floor. The situation becomes worse if the clogging issue is occurring in an industrial location. It will badly affect the entire production chain that declines productivity. However, we are talking about residential clogging problems and solutions in this article. You may need the assistance of a plumber in an emergency but their frequencies of visits are reducible with some useful ideas. We are going to explain the most frequent reasons why our residential drainage system faces a clogging issue. 

Major reasons for drainage clogging

  • Things accidentally dropped by kids

If you have kids at home, stay ready for the most frequent plumber visits. They can drop anything like your comb or their toys in the flush. These things will not decompose as organic food particles. Also, the large size objects quickly become the reason for a massive clogging issue. Take care of your children while they use the toilet especially during the holiday season. 

  • Intentionally drained solid waste

Sometimes, we intentionally drain solid waste like sanitary pads and tampons. These are inflatable things and take a very long time to decompose. Within just a few hours, you may start experiencing the adverse impacts of their inflation. Usually, it is seen that sanitary pads block on the joints of a drainage system that require CCTV drainage investigations to figure out. 

  • Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are the most frequent ingredients of our cooking. During the winter season, the risk of clogging with these oils increases. Hydrogenated oil gradually sticks on the inner walls of the drainage system. When you drain out waste material like food particles, day start storing on this sticky surface and becomes a major reason for clogging. Sometimes, hot water buckets can help in getting rid of this problem. In serious circumstances, only professional plumbers can help. 

  • Inadequate water supply

This is a summer season problem if you are leaving in a location where water shedding is a common issue. If your drainage system don’t get adequate water for cleaning, solid waste material can turn into a serious issue. 

  • Roots infestation

Drainage CCTV investigation also reveals that roots can be the major reason for the clogging issue. If the pipes of the drainage system are old and decaying by corrosion, their cracks invite small roots to enter the pipe for water. In favorable conditions, These roots turn into a cluster that is not good for adequate water drainage. 

Role of CCTV investigation

Modern plumbing agencies have CCTV investigation cameras capable of going deeper to any corner of the drainage system. These cameras are equipped with drain snakes to figure out the location and reason for clogging. The plumber implements the cleaning strategy accordingly. 

This is everything you need to know about clogging and its solution. With some precautions, anyone can reduce the intervals of clogging.

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