The Most Desired Home Maintenance Checklist 2020


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The homeowners know it well that keeping a home in good presentable shape is not an easy job. Every time there’s something broken that needs your attention and money. Sometimes you can’t even foresee the problems. They start showing small symptoms and, then take a serious shape suddenly, and you don’t have any other choice but to tend to the emergencies. What if there’s a smart way to deal with the non-ending repair needs? If you make a checklist like professionals most of the problems can be dealt with in time. For example, by hiring a tile installation service in time you can avoid damages to the adjacent tiles. The following considerations are quite potentials to be on your checklist.

Replace Broken Tiles

The broken or damaged tiles not only look unpleasant but can become a health hazard over time. For the families that have kids, it is of utmost importance to get rid of damaged tiles to restore the original look of your floor. You can also avoid damages to the tiles by a regular inspection as well, you just need to add it to your annual maintenance list. You should have contacts of some reliable tile contractors to deal with emergencies.

Besides tiles, epoxy flooring is a popular type of flooring that is known for its durability and versatility. It is incredibly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery, and chemical spills without chipping, cracking, or fading. Epoxy flooring is a sustainable flooring option, as it can be made from recycled materials and is long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Inspect the Doors

The doors are probably one of those things that people pay less attention to. Doors are the basic safety element and daily usage can damage them over time. The frequently encountered problems are movement noise, broken locks, missing wood chipping, etc. You need to add it to your checklist so you can tend to the door’s needs in time.

Get your Locks Checked Up

Similar to the doors, nobody pays attention to the locks as long as they are functional. The most common cause of damaged locks is zero maintenance. People start noticing strange sounds from their locks, or sometimes unusual rigidity but they don’t pay attention unless it’s broken. So, add it up your checklist to get it an in time repair.

Hire Roof Maintenance Services

The roofs are one of the most important single investments. Damage to a roof should mean overall structural damage. Because if the roof is damaged the water can seep in and start causing various issues including, the mold, paint chipping, wet patches, not to mention that excessive humidity can become a health hazard. By adding it to your checklist you can get rid of multiple structural issues together.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is mandatory because they are the biggest roof aid you can find. Since they have to transport rainwater during bad weather, their quality should be optimized for better performance. Once installed they need only cleaning most of the time and you can do it easily by adding it to your checklist.

Consider Getting a Paint Job

All the other maintenance activities are need-based but a paint job is directly related to the looks of your home. It is highly recommended to hire a reliable painter to restore the original look of your home. Summer is the best suitable season for a paint job and you just need to add one more tick on your checklist.

Pressure Wash Your Porch

People tend to care about the porch because it is the entry point of any home. As soon the tiles start losing the shine people get worried about their investment. Usually, pressure wash services are hired to deal with the situation. By regulating the liquid temperature with suitable cleaners and adding it to your checklist, you can restore them perfectly.

Trim your Plants

Trimming plants not only enhances the look of your home but you can also protect your home from overgrown plants. It is important not to plant extremely close to the wall. The plants follow the sunlight and if the stems are too strong it can cause serious damage to the roof. So, beware and increase your checklist further to trim your plants in time.

Tend to the Leaks

The leaks are probably the biggest threat to any structure. Usually, it is very difficult to track down a leak without professional help. This is why hiring good plumber matters a lot. The leaks can be identified by looking at its symptoms, such as wet patches, paint chipping, mold, and an unusual increase in water bills. So add it to your checklist before you forget it.

Kill the Mold

The unusual mold growth can turn out to be the most unpleasant thing in a home. It is mostly caused by a high level of moisture. It grows in the dark and shady places and once it takes the roots it becomes almost impossible to get rid of it permanently. Even professionals have to treat it several times for permanent removal. Improve your checklist further by adding it to the next row.

Hire Reliable Professionals

The repair and maintenance quality is totally dependent on the professionals that you hire for the job. Mostly it is preferred to hire a general maintenance company that can deal with multiple issues at the same time. It is probably not a good idea to leave everything to one single company. Smaller repairs need can be tackled this way but big repairs demand an expert pair of hands.

Update your Insurance and Warranties

People mostly stay focused on repairs and maintenance, they forget to take into account the warranties and insurances. More importantly, insurance and warranties can be voided easily by conducting repair personally. You can avoid this strange situation if you just add one more point to your checklist with an expiry.
A well-maintained checklist can be your biggest aid in keeping your home is the presentable shape. You can add about anything to the checklist related to the repairs and maintenance. It would be better if you include a few more columns to your checklist for putting date, time, and expiry tags. Make sure that the repair company signs the checklist after the job is done, if you manage to attach the referenced bill number it would be great.

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