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Time to open the door to mobile home security, you allow banks and insurance companies, favourite airlines and restaurants into your smartphones, now it is time to do the same with your home security.

Mobile trust fuels increase in app controlled home security

Yale responds with connected security ecosystem

As consumers increasingly migrate their lives to a more ‘connected’ environment, some elements can be far simpler to transition and deliver far greater rewards than expected – namely mobile app home security.

Yale has focused on delivering a suite of products that not only work as standalone solutions but importantly integrate for a smart home security system.

As consumers continue to adopt app based technology to carry out some of their most trusted tasks like booking insurance, flights, even consulting the doctor via smartphone, gaining access to your home and protecting your property via mobile technology is a natural evolution.

What had traditionally been the tasks of a separate lock and key, a monitored alarm and even a separate CCTV system have been integrated to give one seamless, single point of control via mobile device.

The smart home market is finally taking off, Yale’s research has shown 61 percent of households owning at least one device. People say they want devices that help them save money or enhance security rather than simply offering convenience.

Increasingly consumers see their smartphone as a ‘remote control’ for their home with 46 percent of people saying they see the home being something controlled via mobile device.

By combining Smart Door Locks, indoor and outdoor cctv camera Dubai and Smart Home Alarm system Dubai, consumers can tailor an ecosystem to suit their needs.

Once people transition their home security to mobile and experience the increased level of control and the time it allows them back they honestly cannot see how they ever lived without it.

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