12 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Fitness Trainer


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Whether you are looking a live fitness trainer or choosing for an online video fitness trainer, you should be well informed to make the right decision of choosing a personal trainer. I have come across hundreds or even thousands of fitness trainers in my last 20 years of career most of them don’t have the expertise and are irresponsible or dangerous with the information they have.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing a fitness trainer

Selling or suggesting supplements

So many personal trainers emphasize lots on suggesting or buying supplements which they think can be helpful to you in your fitness journey but don’t care for such trainer. Some might force you to buy supplements but don’t listen to them and skip them instantly. Fitness has almost nothing to do with supplements and is not necessary at all. The supplement is an industry and business just to make the money and lots of innocent people are caught in this trap. Instead of supplements, do exercise as much as can and stay hydrated with a Yerba Mate energy drink for a natural caffeinated instant energy boost.

Body shaming to motivate

There can be multiple ways to motivate a client for the exercise but the most detrimental way is to shame someone for his body. Body shaming breeds various disordered thinking, inadequacy, and feeling of guilt. If a trainer uses this tactic to motivate, it is not going to be helpful in the long term. If a trainer belittles your physical appearance to do exercise and a specific diet, drop them and look for a trainer who motivates you by thinking constructively and positively about yourself, your physical ability, and your body. Do lots of workouts guided by a good trainer and enjoy Mate Mate energy drinks between different reps.

Only promoting one training cycle

There are hundreds of exercise styles such as Olympic weightlifting, agility, plyometrics, toning, mass building, HIIT, cardio, and Pilates. There is pros and cons to each style but there is no shortage of fitness trainer who will argue to the death that the preferred style is best than the rest of all. He can be a short-sighted or narrow-minded trainer who wants everyone to stick with one style. For overall health, one needs to train in different styles time by time for strength, endurance, coordination, agility, flexibility, and balance. Take a break between your reps and give Mate Mate an energy boost to your body and be energized.

Don’t properly develop workouts

It is a bit hard to explain the effectiveness of the trainer that trainers are not created equal and many trainers don’t check for the balance. Sometimes, they are unable to get the right balance for trainees from top to bottom, left to right and front to back. One example that I watch is a YouTube trainer who starts with a deep pile squat which was much too range of motion on joints and cold muscles. So, watch videos of the right trainer who develops the right workout for fitness.

Promote weight loss instead of muscle building

Trainers who are focusing on just weight loss for their clients are a huge disservice. Most trainers focus on toning, cardio, or core exercises as their form of exercise with a limit on diet intake to lose weight. On the other hand, if you start with strength training to build good muscles can increase your resting metabolism as well as burn more calories. Build muscles, lose weight and keep yourself energized with Mate Mate to give a natural energy boost to your body.

Making a decision based on price

The old saying, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ applies to hiring fitness trainers as well. Few people have an assumption that fitness trainer doesn’t make greater changes and they have to do it all. But, it will be wrong to think as a fitness trainer is the one who is experienced and will bring growth changes to you. Every exercise has some plus and minuses and being a beginner, you cannot know what is deeply hidden inside it. Also, only a fitness trainer knows which exercise will be good for your fitness goals.

Don’t go with the trainer who claims to do it all

Anyone who is saying to do it all for you is not the one you are looking for and must be considered a business person and want you for their benefit. Look for a trainer who is specific about his profession such as my last time trainer was training professional women typically aged between 30-40 years and who have a strong interest in fitness and workout. They were good in financial conditions but are time-poor and frustrated by the size-fit approach for the entire candidate. Look who guides on overall aspects such as having energy drinks like Mate Mate for a natural energy boost and much more.

Not asking about testimonials and case study

Good trainers are those who will share their website, testimonials, and experience. They will be happy to let you talk to their previous clients to know their experience. Even a few ones will insist on you for this just to make sure that they got you as a client. Someone who has been trained by the trainer will share honest experiences and will make you confident enough to choose the right trainer.

Going with the trainer who offered the time for free

It is equally important that someone you work with places a high value on their time. If they don’t value their time, how can they value yours? When a trainer sets a reasonable price for their services, they are making a statement that they are committed to providing high value to their clients. They will also restrict the number of clients limit so that they can provide you value for money. If someone says that they don’t offer discounts or free introductory session services, it means they are more oriented towards quality fitness trainer services. Some will say that they will help you in their decision-making process and will give value to money.

Not asking about selection criteria for sign up

A good and responsible company will have selection criteria. If it is not there, it means that they are ready to work with anyone and have no assurance for the quality of services. Look for someone clear about their selection criteria as this is a passionate trainer who works to fulfilling their passion. One fitness trainer I came across was training males between 20-30 years of age to transform their bodies within 12 weeks and had a list of trained members as well. These trainers might charge $20k for their services and they are specific about their clients and don’t want to waste their precious time with wasteful clients. They will also guide you on diet and drinks, for example, to beat fatigue or tiredness during the workout, have energy drinks like Yerba Mate for a natural energy boost.

Not having a strong and relevant Google presence

I rarely go to meet someone for the first time that doesn’t have a good presence at Google. I Googled one prospective client to find they have recently delivered a fascinating insight before I met him. I have Googled trainers who want to join our team and saved myself an hour once I saw the search results. A decent and reputable trainer will have posts, testimonials, recommendations, videos, interviews, and even a book which you can find on the first page of Google. To fight fatigue during workouts, have Mate Mate low caffeinated energy drink for an instant natural energy boost.

Signing up for a package of 5 or 10 sessions at times

The days of selling packages based on a small number of sessions are long over. Making a major decision about your health and fitness with a personal trainer is an important task and the trainer should reflect that. We provide services based on monthly standing orders means that are inviting masses and don’t have anything specific that suits an individual workout needs. There are so many bespoke classes where different tests are done and you are given special attention based on your fitness goals.

Wrap up

First of all, decide your fitness goals and talk to the clients of a gym to explore the qualities of a fitness trainer. If he is not fit for your fitness goal, just drop him out and look for one to fulfill your fitness goal. Don’t choose a trainer who focuses on one fitness style, weight loss, and developing muscles. Don’t go with anyone who just claims to be a trainer. Fitness is not a hobby to spend some time but it is a lifestyle change which you need to look and feel healthy forever. If you don’t choose someone with specific workout rules, it means he is not serious about fitness training. He must have testimonials and previous clients to talk with you and it gives you relaxation about the quality of service. Check your fitness trainer expertise first and go ahead for greater results.

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