Mistakes To Avoid In Online Marketing


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From the past few years, India has successfully developed the right entrepreneurial environment. Today entrepreneurs are focussing more on maintaining their online presence. Business nowadays has started concentrating more on online marketing. The Internet has widely opened a sea of opportunities for entrepreneurs.  Online Marketing business works around building the credibility of your business. Online marketing offers unique benefits, such as:

  1. The ability to start the company with low or no overheads;
  2. A faster timeline than most brick and mortar businesses; and
  3. The chance to expand its reach beyond one location.

Here are some mistakes that an entrepreneur should avoid while taking up online marketing:

  1. Not Having A Defined Target Audience:

An entrepreneur cannot market your business to the audience using the same strategy. By using the same strategy for everyone will bring you a slight increase in website traffic. This won’t be beneficial for a long time as many of the website’s visitors won’t convert into actual customers. In order to get most of your campaign, make sure it is targeted to a particular audience. In order to make your campaign effective, you should divide your total audience into smaller audiences. If your business provides ‘universal’ products or services to the market, then you should segregate your selected audience into small groups and create a customized promotion campaign for individual groups. This will also help you in calculating the results.

  1. Ignoring the Legal Aspects

An entrepreneur should take care of his legal documents which are required for his daily business operations. The entrepreneur may start his business as proprietorship but as and when business flourishes, he may proceed with private limited company registration. He should keep himself updated with latest regulations governing his business. An entrepreneur should take decisions after detail analysis of the situations. Sometimes, an entrepreneur may take decisions in a haste which ultimately will affect the business in future.     

3.Having A Slow Website:

A website is created with an aim to rank on Google and other Search Engines. Keyword Optimization plays a very important role in working on a website. However, your website won’t rank high with search engines, it takes a longer time to load.  Loading speed of your website is also one of the most important ranking factors in the search engine. You should take into consideration the speed when you are selecting your hosting.

  1. Wrong Estimation Of Marketing Expenditure:

One of the critical mistake made by entrepreneurs is the wrong estimation of Marketing Expenditure. With the help of statistics and reports you can estimate your marketing expenses. One of the essential things to remember is that effective online marketing can be expensive.  As a start-up owner with a limited budget, you have to keep a check on your expenses Online marketing is a slow way to generate customers. Along with online marketing, you should also focus on launching loyalty programs, sales, participating or sponsoring events in your locality.

5.Low Engagement With Your Customers:

Entrepreneurs miss out on communication opportunities which are provided by the Internet. The paid ads, guest posts, and SEO are the tools which are used for attracting the customers. Communication with customers is essential for the success of the business. You can engage with your customers by replying to comments on a blog or under any social media post. An entrepreneur should keep track of messages and mentions of his business on the Web.


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