Mini 40: The Camera to Take on the Next Generation


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The Fujifilm Instax Instant Photo Camera Mini 40 is here, and has been filmed by all those who wanted one of Fujifilm’s most popular instant cameras, but have not yet pursued what the company is playing, the newer cameras. Set for a new generation of modern photographers, the INSTAX Mini 40 Instant Film Camera from FUJIFILM combines modern features with classic architectural features. 

A Smooth and Stylish Instant Camera

A smooth, fun and stylish camera capable of producing a print equal to the size of a credit card, this camera provides a built-in lens, auto shutter speed, and auto brightness, so you can hit the roads running. It also features a built-in light bulb for low light conditions, and with the INSTAX Mini photo camera what you see is what you get, every time you shoot, always, all in a high-quality INSTAX Mini high-speed film.

Designed with a Retro Touch

This is when the fuji instax mini camera was redesigned, it brought to the table a camera that looked like one of those old boxy cameras on arrival and shot the consumer camera era. At its heart, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is not something very different or new – nor does it, either. The camera continues to set up two-button operation, with one button switching the camera with a lens release, and a shooting button, by taking snapshots. You still get 10 movie cartridges the way you always have with Fujifilm’s Instant cameras, which you upload to the back of the camera.

Dedicated to Advanced Features

The compact instant camera Mini 40 maintains a focal length of 60mm, and has a large, bulb-shaped flash module that continues to add to its dignified retro beauty. There is also a viewfinder that can be optical. What’s special here, besides the new beauty, is the dedicated ‘selfie mode’. To use this, you can simply pull out the lens even further to engage with the zoom mode of your photos. According to Fujifilm, this will obviously enable a closer, sharper focus. At the top of the lens there is also a small mirror unit that will allow you to look at the frame, before taking a snap. The camera still does everything else – it adjusts the display time and opening size by rotating it.

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