Mimicking the Facebook: Building an Effective Website Design for an Ecommerce Venture

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Every website owner need a good website that offers the best experience to his current and potential customers. Apart from the design aspect, an effective website is the one which is the combination of your business goal and the need of your target market. So an effective site is always a successful one? There can be a long debate in this concern but let me offer you a few points so that you can ponder on this aspect.

A successful website is one which can offer a good ROI to the owner or the management. Just take the example of Facebook and you will know what I am talking about. In order for you to stand out, and not be mistaken for companies like a dime a dozen online, or anywhere really, you need to provide value, to your prospective customers. And that’s where the design element comes into place.

Since technology has entered into new horizons, life of an average layman has become very simpler and easier as compared to people of all previous ages. Now, there is an ease of interaction, thousands miles of distances can be covered in hours and so much more. Facebook is one of the many tools where the design aspect has also made sure people are attracted to these websites.

But, I would like to opine it as best source of communicating with other people.  You can comfortably share your daily status, enjoy free video and voice calls and tag selfies and photos with friends and relatives. But what about the design element as all of us look for a cool design that we can look at all the time and get bedazzled by it? Let me offer you some insight about it in the following paragraphs.

Facebook’s Design for Inspiration

But, think for instance, you have a smartphone but you are unaware of social networking and all those platforms that can connect you with other million, how desolate your life will become? Facebook is one of those platforms that can connect you with other millions. Here, you can share your thoughts, ideas and insights, here you can also exchange files, watch live videos and even you can start video chatting.

The design aspect of many Facebook pages are what that sets it apart from all the other types of pages. It is a social media platform alright, but it has all the right ingredients of design element that can suit any ecommerce venture. There are many ways in which it has inspired many businesses to apply the changes that are present on FB s that

Distinct FB Features

FB has revolutionized lives of people globally or it won’t be injustice to say that it is global digital revolution. With its rise, people commented about it widely, some said it is kind of curse that has deteriorated people’s lives as they’ve derailed from their daily routines, whereas, rest of the people called it ‘blessing’ because they have found their best friends online on Facebook. And its design has also revolutionized other social media platforms and pages.

A simple feed in the middle with ads on the right of the screen, the simple yet effective design has caught up with the many companies who look to get a design element so vital for the sustainability of their businesses. One of the prime examples of Facebook design is fan pages that people make in order to show their love for a celebrity, for example, and some of them are really amazing.

Designing a page can be fun if you know the best way to do it. Aside from connecting people, social networking sites can be a good platform for advertising. The use of smart graphics, GIFs and many other features are what make a FB fan page look cute and businesses also need to get assistance from it. The addition of many other aspects like designing the headers and footers aptly can give the much needed boost to businesses. It can help them build a good impression with their target market. With the help of a web design agency, businesses can reach their potential in matter of few days.

Final Word

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