Metal degreasing machines: For an optimal cleaning treatment:


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We at Firbimatic ( manufactures a wide range of multifunction industrial machines for the degreasing of metal to treat all types of machined parts: forged or drawn, small or large, simple or complex, with high levels of impurities, dust, grease, oil, shavings, etc.

They operate by spraying degreasing liquids or by immersing and shaking the load, depending on the dirt or if the geometry of the parts to be degreased is very irregular.

Our metal degreasing machines are available in different versions (static, linear, rotary, drum, etc.), they can be prepared to carry out different surface treatments, such as washing, rinsing, passivating, phosphating, or drying programs. All in the same machine with different cycles or stages.

The facilities are built with thermal and acoustic insulation, equipped with automatic replenishment levels, vacuums, de-oiling devices, filters, detergent dispensers, ultrasounds, etc.

Continuous metal cleaning machine:

We have a complete range of industrial metal cleaning machines that can be used in degreasing, washing, passivation, phosphating, and drying all types of parts and continuously

We manufacture various models of “LCB” tunnel type washing machines that are ideal for carrying out different types of continuous treatments for a wide variety of parts, whether large or small, machined or stamped.

The parts to be treated are unloaded directly onto a linear or carousel-shaped conveyor and loaded into baskets or positioned on special frames, mounted on the conveyor itself. Loading and unloading can be manual or robotic.

In their standard version, these machines are equipped with various filter systems, automatic replenishment levels, oil separators, detergent dispensers, blowers for drying, steam aspirators, etc.

Laser cleaning: 

Removes dirt through the incidence of a laser light beam on the material to be treated, eliminating rust, paint, oil, grease … by vaporization, although this technique is of high quality, it is slow and expensive to apply. that only surfaces that can be directly hit by laser beams can be cleaned.

Cleaning by plasma action (atmospheric or pressure): 

This is a fairly new technique, which creates a chemical reaction that oxidizes organic pollutants which volatilize. As in the laser system, it can be a perfect tool for certain specific treatments for plastics, electronic components, textiles, medical utensils, although it is impractical and expensive for metallurgical treatments.

Cleaning by blasting abrasives (shot blasting): In this industrial metal cleaning process, it is carried out by projecting at an adjustable pressure using compressed air and inside suitable booths or continuously, small abrasive-type particles that are used depending on the type of material to be treated. These can be sand, glass, steel, plastic, corundum microspheres, etc. 

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