Top Men’s Streetwear Trends for Upcoming Autumn and Winter


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The fashion scene is witnessing a revival despite the ongoing pandemic. Men’s streetwear trends are witnessing quite the revolution. This autumn, outdoor performance gear, baggy clothes, the 70’ styles, over-expressive sneakers, and much more will be the top favorites for men. If you want to wear stylish streetwear clothes then get ready to know about the best picks this autumn and winter. 

The coolest part about streetwear is the amount of innovation one can bring to it. You can wear shorts along with a coat and no one will question your choice. Similarly, khaki pants together with baggy shirts will seem quite interesting. The combinations are endless and the varieties are plenty. For men’s fashion enthusiasts, now is truly an exciting time.  

Outdoor Performance Gear

At different fashion shows across the globe, there is a trend rising. People want to increasingly wear performance gear even when they’re outdoors. Even the most notable fashion designers are embracing this practice and viewers are just loving this streetwear. Wearing a pair of shorts with a big coat does not seem unusual anymore. It’s trending. In the past, people used to eye such streetwear in a mean way. However, trends are steadily changing. There is a rising obsession with technical materials, utility, and functional fabrics. People want to wear streetwear that is going to be long-lasting and durable. Large labels on shirts are also becoming quite popular on outdoor performance gear. 

Stylish Sneakers

Sneakers are not everyone’s piece of cake. The trend started by Raf Simons did not receive much appreciation. However, there is a rising inclination towards overstated footwear. This means that sneakers are at the center of much design innovation at change. Bulky footwear is finding its way into the market. With accentuated colors and prominent markings, they are making quite a statement in the fashion industry. Sneakers enable people to register their daunting personalities. Over-engineered sneakers are also enjoying a large fan following. People want to wear expressive clothes and shoes. When it comes to streetwear, men’s sneakers are witnessing quite the revolution. 

’70s Textile 

It often happens that something from the past comes back to the fashion scene. Somehow, it finds relevance in today’s world and makes a spot for itself even in fashion shows. The ‘70s textiles are witnessing quite a strong comeback. For men’s streetwear, they make quite the combo with over-expressive sneakers and baggy shirts. Fur-lined garments are a rage these days and it makes sense. Today’s fashionistas are trying new combos to advance the fashion scene after the pandemic is becoming a norm for everyone. Earlier, there were no fashion shows but now we are adjusting to the new. Fashion shouldn’t suffer and, therefore, new things are making their way into the market. You’ll love the vintage threads and fur-lined apparel from the ‘70s.

Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes will always remain relevant. They are always going to be in fashion. Such is their fashion prowess. Furthermore, this clothing style is quite relevant to streetwear. And it will be in the coming years as well. For the past decade, baggy jeans and shirts have reigned. Taking inspiration from the old-school clothes of the ‘90s, oversized garments register a strong impact in the current fashion scene. Currently cropped and cuffed jeans are in demand. Many people are also in favor of baggy clothes that cover sneakers. However, if you’re not careful, you may even trip. Dress up carefully so that you don’t end up injuring yourself. 

Stretched Jeans

Stretched jeans are also witnessing a lot of praise in the current fashion scene. Many people are pairing them up with wide, baggy shirts and looking stunning. Shirts with floral patterns seem most relevant along with them. Apart from this, you can also wear stretched jeans along with coats.

These are the major men’s streetwear trends for Autumn for men. The trends are all going to stay for some time as a majority of men follow them. This is an exciting team to try out new streetwear. With the fashion industry returning to normal, there are a lot of opportunities for fashion enthusiasts to don the new apparel styles. 

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