Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explains Why Dog Training is the Best Thing We Can Do for Our Dogs


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According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, training your dog is one of the best things you can do for your furry friend. While the process seems overwhelming, especially if it’s your first dog or a tricky breed, it can help out your dog in many ways. Let’s check out why dog training is the best thing you can do for your dogs. 

The Explanation

1. Your dog stays safe – Dog training is very important for your dog’s safety. Here’s a scenario. Imagine that you’re at a local dog park or barbecuing in your backyard and someone opens the gate. Your fur baby escapes at the first opportunity and is guided by different smells in the environment. If it’s guided by a delicious smell across the street, it’s going to be a big problem. 

Your dog may be harmed on the busy road as it follows the smell and rushes across the street. If your dog is well-trained, your loud command would be enough to make it stop in its tracks and come back to you. Without proper training, your desperate calls would fall on deaf ears and may be followed by a horrible tragedy.  

2. Your dog learns to behave – Pups are wild and follow their instincts. They bite you into oblivion and do whatever they want. While it seems cute when you have a young pup, it can be very embarrassing and also make it impossible for you to travel or go with your dog to different places with a loud and misbehaved dog. 

Your dog may also be a menace at home and tear up all the furnishings and dig out a freshly seeded lawn. All of that can be avoided with a well-trained dog. With training, you can teach your dog what should and shouldn’t be done. It also makes your dog more sociable with other dogs and people. 

3. It builds confidence – The world is an intimidating, confusing, and scary place from your dog’s perspective. New experiences lie at every corner with unfamiliar sights, smells, and situations ready to pop up at any moment. Moreover, there are all these strange humans who want to pet it and expect them not to touch things. When you train your dog and teach it how to behave, it won’t respond with fear and anxiety in unexpected situations. Instead, your pawed friend would shine with confidence. 

4. Strengthens your bond – When you train your dog every day and spend a lot of time knowing it inside and out, both of you develop a very strong bond. Dogs aren’t meant to just sit around on the couch or on the floor all day. Regular activity and interaction are necessary, and a good training routine perfectly fits the requirements.   


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you take the time and research your dog’s breed to come up with a good training routine. Training sessions don’t just increase the bond between you and your dog, but also keep it happy and safe.

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