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People spend tons of money on advertising but sometimes fails in increasing sales. So would you like to know how to boost sales without advertising through Email Marketing?

People are pondering that how Email marketing can boost sales. You will feel great when you will hear that 3.7 billion users are Email users according to research. Among them, 86% are professionals who use email for business communication. According to expert research, they gave the best day and time for Email. Tuesday is considered the most advantageous day of the week to send emails. And the second best day after Tuesday is Thursday and the best time is 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM to Midnight. Email marketing is a way of sending a commercial message especially to a group of people using email.

Linking customers to an email campaign

Email is the best way to connect with customers easily since you can’t meet them face to face. Sending emails to regular customers or to the subscribers will work for sure. But make sure you have a perfectly designed email campaign to build brand trust and brand building with customers. Check out other email campaigns to feed customers and for driving back again to your site.

Cart Abandonment Emails

According to a recent survey shopping value of purchases through cart abandonment emails is 15% higher than usual purchases. These automated emails are the reminders to the customers who exit a website after adding items to their shopping cart but failed to check out. The main benefit is recovering sales and improving revenue, conversion rates with customers.

Replenishment Emails

Replenishment email is best email reminders to your current customers or old customers who have earlier purchased that time as has come to reorder your product again and should be sent in two slots. This results in shopping for them again. But the main benefit is it creates a good impression that you care about their needs and gives a quick chance to serve them.

Back-In-Stock and New Arrival Email

Back in stock emails gives you a chance to reconnect with old customers that now the product or item is available which you wanted to buy earlier. While new arrival email also gives the opportunity to reconnect with the current and old customer. These emails give goosebumps to customers for shopping and help you to boost your revenue. But make sure to keep the eye-catchy subject line for its best and the main benefit is, it is a great way to boost revenue & build brand loyalty.

Birthday Email and Anniversary Email

Birthday emails and Anniversary emails are the best way to show customers that how valuable they are, also don’t forget to pamper them with wishes and send them special opportunity accompanied by an invitation to visit the store which results in unplanned shopping. With all these, it results in brand loyalty.

Thank you Email

This special treatment email is for the customers who have purchased from you deserve a special treatment from your side. It is a great way to build brand loyalty, make them special and try to get them back again to your site.


Newsletter email is king for a powerful marketing and communication tool that has various useful functions. A unique relationship is built by sending newsletter email. By sending useful and right content to customers it keeps them updated on a new product, services, and special offers.

Testimonial email and Survey

Testimonial emails are the best formal statements to attract customers by who has successfully achieved your services or products and benefitted from your services or work you did for them. Survey email is one type of questionnaire send via email. The main important benefit of this attracts lots of customers through its accurate data and it is cost effective.

So ready to boost revenue from email marketing? Start with all these points and boost sales with it. Bazarbit is an eCommerce Website Builder which helps you to start increasing your revenue with our online store builder.

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