List of Street Names for Drugs – The Modern Lingo!


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This list serves as an informative list for the everyday non-drug user friend and parents. With the increasing pressure put on teenagers by social media to rise above their levels and start yearning for people’s attention, the drug abuse issue is sky-rocketing. With celebrities and friends normalizing the use of drug and alcohol consumption on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, teenagers and adolescents are geared towards believing that these substances are glamourous. They prize these possessions and aim towards being able to try them for recreational purposes. Celebs like Cardi-B and Drake are often seen using alcohol on live streams, unintentionally influencing the young to glamorize drug use.

A study was recently conducted by; the national centre for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. The findings stress that teenagers that use social media far more regularly than others are drawn towards the likelihood to use drugs and alcohol. The current popular trend is using VAPE. Even, “The Patriot Act”, a political comedy by Hasan Minhaj covered the influence that vaping had on teenagers still in high school. Types of drug rehabs across the world also have a set list of drug street names that are country or area specific. Most california based california rehab centres are also seeing an influx of teenagers under the influence of drugs and no regrets. 

In addition to being the catalyst for substance abuse, social media is also the award-winner for the “Best Media to Assist the Growth of Mental Health Issues”. Not only has it given rise to levels of depression, bi-polar syndrome but the extreme high expectancy to gain ripped, sexy bodies, have given a significant rise to eating disorders. 

The #FOMO is a real deal! Teenagers today truly experience the fear of missing out most things. Instead of enjoying their parties, friends and family, they hell-bent on proving that they too have a glamorous life. They are always concerned with taking photographic proof of everything they have tried to up their cool quotient.

So as parents and friends of this generation of teenagers, it’s essential to keep track of the modern street lingo for drugs being supplied. Not only that, learn about their effects and how damaging they are to the body. 

Going through this street names will help you stay updated with the names of drugs and how to keep a lookout for kids in your close friends circle and in the vicinity of your neighbourhood.

List of Street Names for Drugs



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