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Decorating bedrooms used to be a source of pure enjoyment in our childhood. It gave us a chance to reflect our inner selves. We chose any themes or colors that we wanted to. As we grew up, we still make all those decorating decisions but now they are based more on the contemporary trends and colors in vogue. We watch shows and browse the web on our Spectrum TV and internet bundle for inspiring, trending, and creative ideas.

Now that we are adults and deal with our hectic routines, it’s good to end up in a room that gives calm vibes and soothes our nerves. But that’s not true for all. Some people prefer brighter hues. Deciding the right paint color plays a pivotal role in making your bedroom look exactly as you want.

Effects of Colors

The color of the room also influences our thoughts and moods. Colors affect people in unlimited ways and that depends on their gender, ethnic background, age, climate and other factors. You don’t essentially have to follow the trends when it comes to having a beautiful room. As long as it is neat, comforting, and elegant, trends don’t matter much. They will change soon anyway. The trick is to have a charming combination with a perfect blend of your favorite hues.

Equip yourself with useful and basic information about the colors and their effects to choose right combos. Let us help you with some of the basic hues.

·       Blue

Most people find blue as one of the most relaxing and calming colors in the spectrum. In the paint aisle, check out the blue swatches and choose the right shade for your room.

Effects: Blue is known to lower the blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. That’s exactly why it is considered serene, calm, and relaxing. It is recommended for both bedrooms and bathrooms. Since blue has a cool and somewhat chilly effect, balance it with warm-hued fabrics (bed linen, curtains) and furnishings. Also, to have the calmer effect, go for softer shades. Because the effects of dark blue are just the opposite. It evokes gloomy and sad feelings. You can pick shades of warm blue, slightly bright blues, turquoise, cerulean, and so on.

·       Yellow

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with brighter hues. Yellow symbolizes the joy of sunshine, energy, and happiness. It can be an excellent choice for dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms because it is uplifting and energizing. If used in entry ways and halls it can give an expansive and welcoming effect. However, for the main bedroom, we would suggest painting a single wall in yellow, instead of the whole room.

Effects:Yellow hues have their effect on temper. People tend to lose temper under the effect of yellow color. It is noticed that babies also cry more in rooms of yellow hues. The color, especially the brighter shades instigate feelings of anger and frustration. However, in Chromo-therapy, it is believed that yellow purifies the body and stimulates the nerves.

·       Red

Red essentially raises the energy level of a room. One of the most intense colors, it is known to pump the adrenaline like no other color. If you want to stir up excitement, it is a good choice. In dining rooms and living room, red stimulates conversations and draws people closer. In entries, it can create a strong and profound first impression. For a bedroom, it could be too stimulating but it depends on your choice and your personality.

Effects:Red hues raise blood pressure, heart rate, and speeds respiration. Again, pertaining to the stimulating nature, you can have the room painted red if you are typically in your room after dark. Seeing it in lamplight will make the color appear rich, muted, and elegant.

·       Orange

It evokes enthusiasm and excitement, and is quite an energetic color. If you have a gym or an exercise room, orange is a great idea because it will boost up the energy that you essentially need during your fitness regimen. But for a bedroom, paint one wall orange instead of the whole room.

Effects: Orange is believed to increase energy levels and heal the lungs, especially in ancient cultures.

You can find endless details about colors, their effects, perfect combinations, and many other interesting facts on the internet. Consider subscribing to Spectrum Internet Offers to find more about the amazing effects that colors have on us. This info would come in handy especially if you are thinking of redecorating your home!

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