Laser hair removal treatment


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Surplus hairs at some parts of the body add a bad appearance to one’s personality. Both men and women want to get rid of excess hairs on their bodies.

Instead of waxing and shaving, we now have a more effective system called Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Across the world, this treatment has dominated the old-style methods of hair removal. You can now have this treatment for once and get rid of excessive hair for more than a decade.

Aims of Laser hair removal:

  • To make one permanently free from unwanted hair on their body
  • Give one a smooth, silky and sexy skin

Techniques & equipment used:

  • There are different kinds of Laser machines accessible for hair removal
  • Mostly, Candela Gentlemax Laser machine is used for Laser hair removal

How to get ready for the treatment:

  • Don’t expose yourself to the sun for 3 weeks before this treatment.
  • Apply a spectrum sunscreen to treated areas even when you stay indoors.
  • Do not do tanning before and after one month of your treatment.
  • You must stop tweezing, waxing, and threading for a maximum of 4 weeks before the laser course.
  • You are restricted not to apply any lotion, cream, cosmetic, antiperspirant or deodorant before going to laser hair removal at home.

How is this treatment performed?

  1. Cooling gel and alcohol swab is used on the treated areas to clean it from germs.
  2. The doctor uses a handheld device and guides laser beams on the targeted areas in pulses for less than a second. Hair follicles are permanently disabled to grow new hair through this process.
  3. After the bombardment of laser shots on the skin, the cooling gel is removed using cotton cloths and then after some antibiotic lotion is applied to the cured regions. The treatment ends here.

Cost of this treatment:

The cost of laser hair removal in depends on:

  • Texture, thickness, and colour of the hair
  • Size of the part to be treated
  • Capability and repute of your doctor
  • The geographical situation of your provider

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