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One can survive for a long time due to the dirth of food however lack of sleep can have our body and mind have negative effects. Hence a good mattress here plays the role to provide good sleep and refreshment as well as improve the fitness of your spine due to its proper support.

With so many mattresses competing in the market, how to decide which one is the best? Research has shown that the Sleepwell mattresses play a big part in how well you sleep. They are one of those tested and reviewed mattresses from different brands to make this list of the best mattresses in India. The Sleepwell mattress single bed price is very reasonable and pocket friendly too for most of the individuals. These mattresses also come as a premium 6-inch orthopaedic mattress and a 5-inch durable high-density base foam providing comfortable support to the back and neck.

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The memory gel is specially designed to distribute body weight evenly and keeps one cool through the night. Its orthopaedic nature helps the natural spine alignment and relieves pressure off all pressure points that can cause body aches. Millions of tiny gel beads have been incorporated to keep the body cool and relaxed.

The mattress is available with a removable zipper cover made of hand-knitted fabric. Its soft and the tiny holes in the fabric makes it breathable. The confidence the company has in its product encourages the customer of the quality on offer.

Price is additionally a significant factor for some individuals when sleeping mattresses are concerned. This mattress is a very sensible option for consumers in the market looking for a competitively priced and comfortable orthopedic mattress. Sleepwell mattress price list single beds are available in the official website for a better understanding for the customers.

For the best worth of money, look no further than this LUCID 12-inch sleeping mattress. The unique hybrid design contains a layer of supportive memory foam that’s infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera which is odour-resistant and provides a soothing sleep experience. Many of the best mattresses for motion isolation are designed with medium support. Thanks to its comfortable medium-plush support, this mattress has earned an average 4.3-star rating with over 1,200 online reviews.

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The delighted fans say that they are surprised at how much they enjoy this mattress, declaring as the most comfortable mattress. Additionally they have mentioned that due to the Lucid Hybrid technology they wake up almost in the same position they had fallen asleep. On the contrary it formed a lot of tossing and turning or discomfort while climbing out of bed completely for their earlier mattresses. The motion transfer is great considering their pets getting on and off their bed on a regular basis. It has the perfect amount of support one is looking for especially for bad neck and shoulder problems. It is a highly recommended mattress to anyone who is looking for affordable, not full foam all around support and good motion transfer.

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