Is Having an Emergency Preparedness Plan Enough for Securing Facilities?


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Buildings that are more than a decade old are beautiful! Awe is instilled in one’s heart by the magnificent towers, domes, age-old architecture, and glamour of these buildings. However, managing buildings that are more than a decade old is another story.

Facility managers know how hard it is to maintain buildings when there are piles of paper documents that add up over time. Some of you might even be storing these documents in the cloud with facility management software. In the modern day, keeping all building documents in a repository room isn’t a smart move.

Although monitoring maintenance data is one bottleneck in a facility, it is not the only one. In times of crisis, access to emergency preparedness plans is the biggest challenge.

Making an emergency preparedness plan alone isn’t enough to manage crises unless you have emergency management software.

Why is an Emergency Preparedness Plan Not Enough?

It is not uncommon for facility emergencies to make headlines with great fervor. There have been headlines such as, “Gas Leak Kills 20+ Workers.”

There are several facilities across the country that experience this type of emergency, which can result in damage to assets and life. Besides that, what else? Aside from earthquakes, fires, floods, toxic gas leaks, construction damages, and terror threats, there are many other common facility emergencies.

Emergency preparedness plans are essential because such emergencies never come as planned.

In spite of the fact that these plans might already be available at a facility, gaining access to them on the go and in real-time is another story altogether. 

In times of panic, occupants of a burning building may not be able to access such plans stored in the facility management software. The new-age emergency management software was developed by modern facility leaders such as ARC Facilities in response to this need.

Well, it’s a facility management app that lets you store emergency preparedness plans as well as all facility documents.

In addition, this app allows building occupants to access emergency plans directly from their PCs or papers, saving them from being trapped in a pile of papers and PCs. 

Here’s what you need to know about this app!

Let’s Discuss the Facility Management App

Facility managers can access building data instantly in real time via the facility management app, which is the latest generation of smart building technology.

This software is accessible anywhere, anytime whether you are present at the facility.

You can access plan room data stored in the cloud with just a few swipes on your mobile device. There are many customization options available, and it’s fast, intuitive, and easy to use.

This mobile facilities app also provides you with the following apart from emergency preparedness data:

  1. Building information
  2. Asset Data like O&M manuals
  3. Healthcare compliance
  4. Construction Project Close-out Data

The benefits of the facility management app are:

  1. Data access from anywhere at any time
  2. Information-based emergency management software
  3. Pocket-sized planroom on a mobile 
  4. Access to facility documents, such as project closeout information or compliance documents, in an organized and error-free manner
  5. Equipment data can be accessed instantly via QR code scanning.


Make sure that you invest in an emergency management app for your facility once you understand why older facilities need it and what it can do for them. The ARC Facilities app allows you to access emergency preparedness plans and stay prepared on the go, as well as solve many data access bottlenecks related to your facility.

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