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Patents may be prepared in a particular technique or invention. This is done so that other people cannot use intellectual property without authorization, author, inventor.

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The author uses the invention without problems, but with a caveat. Every time a creature is to generate income, the merchant rights holder has to pay a certain percentage.

You can buy technology by author (patent) and profit. It is a passive income from business. In later business, the purchased patent is used to register in the technology.

Then, to be initiated by someone in production for the benefit of an invention or technology, you will receive a percentage as passive income.

This method is beneficial for people who may need one or other technology in the future, and who can offer to use it. The same is true of the trademark and brand. It is called – intangible assets, ie assets that cannot be touched.

You can earn income passive way or get profit on resale of trademark.

There are risks, we can not find tenants and want to use a special technology, patents, trade marks.

Investing in Internet projects and Start-ups

Where the most profitable way to invest money. It is not necessary to watch for online projects and invest in them, giving the means unknown to the people. Money can be invested in investment site licenses. The entire process is thus legal.

For example, in exchange stock shares, its business owners online, submit their projects. Investors can invest in these offers and receive an income in the form of monthly payments.

Benefits of this type of investment:

Minimum down payment – $ 1;

Opportunity to make a profit of 50–100% per year;

Large variety of projects for investment.

negative side:

Risk, potential bankruptcy of the project;

Required knowledge in the field of marketing and technology networks and understanding of what is interesting for the project audienceIf some knowledge is not present, then you need to hire a project manager.

Start-up – The business aspect of the project involves a small investment that will pay off in the short term.

Contribution to innovative sector new companies – This is a profitable decision. Find a solution is a special exchange where you can and publish your startup. Napartner – The first exchanges, bringing together thousands of people from all CIS countries. A lot of successful people, entrepreneurs, managers, directors and executives of successful companies among the participants. Objectives of this project:

Any help receives funding for the project in the form of a startup deposit;

Place your money in profitable projects and help investors earn an income.

Why invest in internet projects therefore attractive to any category of investors? The man who has decided to do this type of deposit is not required because:

Because of the “right people”;

After a lot of starting construction of the capital project;

Professional knowledge in the field of higher education and investment.

Investment in the Internet is subject to interest to anyone, regardless of gender, age and social status.

Investment in Information Sites

Do not forget the speed the information sites are receiving, doctor talking about where you can invest money. Good with a large amount of active audiences, quality sites are expensive, but also to bring good money from their owners advertising. Here is a sample site that is being sold on the stock market:

We can see, this brings in 31 800p a month., Sold for 1,281,250p., But the optimum price is 1 050 000p. Payback within 2 years maximum. Apart from this, this is also despite not being actively earned. I know the seller’s site. By purchasing 3-5 of these sites, you can continue to develop them and get good money. After one or two years the site will pay for itself and will continue to bring in net profit and grow in value.

I invested in the purchase and development of websites. True purchases have made millions, but there were many, up to tens and hundreds of thousands.

Cons: You have nothing to listen to, because ignorant here.

Pros: Quick return on investment, almost passive income, a lot of potential for growth, high yield.

In general, this method involves generating revenue with sites that host relevant advertisements (mainly because it is a passive way to earn). More revenue than this will not work, but you can set up an advertising unit. 

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The means and resources will start to make money immediately. The income level depends on the degree of popularity of the site topic.

The most profitable sites are considered resources with construction, financial, medical disciplines.

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