Influence Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide on What It Is and How It Works

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Marketing has evolved a lot in a few decades, various skills and tactics have been developed to deal with the onshore marketing tantrums and to endorse business dealings.

Influence marketing is one of a kind and hottest among all, it’s an organic way to flourish your deals, products and brand to a bulk of the audience at one go, In today’s business world when we talk about healthy engagements, we are actually focusing on large scale audience conversion into customer and the reality says you can’t befriend thousands of audience but yes, you can befriend an influence marketer who can sway your brand to the right audience and align them at your doorstep, according to an estimation influence marketing brings $ 5-7 over every $1 investment and even 85% of brands have agreed that influence marketing is a super effective and attractive technique to gross business outreach and product sales much greater than any other marketing strategy

What is influence marketing?

There exist innumerable theories and hypotheses on it but the main science behind is that influence marketing is the art of promoting brands and products via hiring a high tire influence marketer who tends to pursue genuine audience with trust credentials, who basically shower words of mouth and majorly review products and decoratively plate it in-front of their audience so they could also get an idea of the newly launched product, this marketing practice is so beautifully done that it ends up attracting tons of user over the platform and push them hard to get indulge into brand engagements and turn them into a genuine buyer this helps budding entrepreneurs and brands to develop effective and lucrative marketing practice to hype their products and ideas into the market via a digital marketing platform, influence marketing is basically mouth publicity process which pulls greater audience with immediate actions.

Who has influenced marketers?

Influence marketers are that personality who clutches a dandy range of authentic followers over their social media platform and possess an expert level of knowledge and expertise to review brands and products to their audience and has the power to change one’s perception and behavior.

Influence marketers are basically testimonial advertisers wherein they either buy products and judge them with their personal experience concentrating on brand casting and center compliance or often get into brand collaborate and promote products with a monetary exchange or with gift-in-kinds.

There was a time when influence marketing is merely limited to celebrities with a mountain of followers and brands passes through a hard time to collaborate with celeb influencers with high monetary, but now the era has changed and several macro and micro-influencers have risen who are constantly aligning social users via featuring brands and products over their social wall resulting in a lesser investment of time and money as well.

Now, lesser doesn’t mean that you can hire an influencer at a very affordable cost and get into a healthy and heavy brand collaboration, it’s still expensive to promote brands and products via influence marketing since the ROI on it is maximum among all because of the audience who find it genuine and tends to follow recommendations, but make sure either as a brand manufacturer or as an influence marketer never plunder audience trust with faux image, cause it’s high time and you’ll be caught soon and that downfall would be enough drastic for you and your brand as well, so it’s far better to be authentic and present only the genuine attributes of your brand and its products. 

Avoid personalities with faux appearance who buys and sell followers and tends to be controversial or promote odds products as they can easily counter you brand image and would create a drastic fall of sale of your brand products

Nowadays, youngsters and the elderly as well as customers are relying on reviews and feedback on a product, even before making single purchase buyers go through several product reviews and then counter his\her actions.

How to find influencers? 

A variety of ways has been discovered to find the right influencer who is aligned to the business type and has the ability to direct and deliver the right content to the audience.

  • Discover network and find out people or bloggers who discuss your brand’s product or the same kind of products on their wall. 
  • Prepare a specific list of influencers whom you have liked or found discussing the same kind of niche as of yours.
  • Filter them on the basis of followers and following.
  • Examine them thoroughly, and verify whether they have genuine connections or not. 
  • Discover how effectively and promptly they engage users on their wall and their campaign rates
  • Check on the likes and comments of people on their post, are they authentic or from same user id.
  • Choose one or two and try to connect them, and generously ask for brand collaboration.
  • Discuss on the charges, posts and campaigns frequency at which they usually work 
  • Use influencer finding tools to have a better idea and rating on influence marketing and get a brief on who works better than whom and by how much.
  • Negotiate 
  • Be authentic.

How much do influence marketer charge?

I have already discussed it in my last article, still am leveraging you with a brief idea on the costing system of influence marketers, it usually depends on the level of popularity and engagement ratio of the influence marketer and perhaps varies from individual to individual, on an average hiring a celeb influencer will cost you $10,000 – 50,000 per post, while a macro or micro influencers will cost you $250 – 600 per post, some low budget brands can collaborate with fashion and lifestyle bloggers at $ 15 -85 per post and can even be settled over gift-in exchanges or $1500 per 600 engagements, you can even contact influencing agencies who tend to charge 20-40 % greater to cut off their mediating charges.

This is all about influence marketing and how it works, do share your valuable comments and review, queries are invited.

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