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Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries in the Asia-Pacific market, as its populous is made up of a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual melting pot. Furthermore, its economy appears to be in good shape, even though the commercial real estate market in Malaysia is one that has been described as a risk. Combine that with the fact that the cost to lease office space in Kuala Lumpur is expensive and professionals and businesses have to come up with alternative solutions to office space.

Of the many solutions, coworking has become more than a trend in this country. The workspace that can catapult your business to new heights by simply providing the platform for networking is not only cost-effective but a fun way to work and network. Click on the following link to see the way one fit out works. One of the differences between coworking and other fit-outs, however, is that each space has its own character because they typically are small communities.

Keep reading to learn some valuable information about coworking in Malaysia.

How It Works

The coworking plan is shared workspace where professionals can rent a private office, a dedicated desk, or more commonly rented, a seat at a hot desk. As opposed to spending money on the tools and equipment that go with an office, professionals have access to all of this, in addition to meeting and conference rooms. One of the central benefits to the coworking space is that it is one way to significantly reduce your overhead. However, there are other benefits to this coworking style.

Primary Benefits

The major benefits to the coworking space are that it is a great way to build your business network and the space has a number of uses outside of being a workspace. Because of the way the office is designed, social interaction is almost promoted in the space. Hot desking, especially, can be a place where Malay professionals have the chance to meet people from diverse professions and industries. In addition, great spaces have event calendars that are comprised of opportunities to network and socialise at both formal and informal events.

Then, the space’s versatility allows business to complete a number of tasks in the office. In addition to working and networking, you can plan public relations and marketing campaigns in the space. Moreover, any of the events you hold do not interfere with every day running of the business, as is the case in many other office situations.

Types Of Space You Might Find

Malaysia’s coworking market is similar to those found all across the Asia-Pacific market. There are general spaces, industry-specific spaces, and then there are the niche-based spaces. General spaces have an open admission, and the latter two are based on profession and mission. A few spaces ask for an interview, but for the most part, professionals and businesses can choose from a variety.

On the horizon for Malaysian coworking is the possibility of coworking hotels and coliving spaces, in addition to spaces that offer add-ons. These newer incarnations of the coworking space combine workspace with lodging, and are popular in places such as Thailand and Singapore. These newer versions are great for those temporary workers (digital nomads) and for people who might find the expense of living in the city too high. Then, there are the add-ons that might appear as coworking spaces cater to the needs of professionals with children and those who have extremely busy lives.

Coworking Malaysia

Coworking Malaysia offers your business the chance to work with some of the most dynamic, talented professionals in the world at a much more reduced cost. With this opportunity, you can raise the profile of your business while navigating the Malay business climate. More importantly, the coworking space can help you generate business.

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