Important Areas of Enterprise SEO to Focus On

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Big companies don’t belong to a small niche. As an example, look at Tata. Tata is a company invested in a range of different fields, from steel to automobile and even hot beverages and IT. How does an SEO begin to manage keyword research and content planning for a company like Tata which is a player is so many fields?

This is where the importance of enterprise SEO comes in.

While regular SEO helps professionals understand how one website can rank for keywords and key phrases from a specific niche, enterprise SEO is a version of search optimization to help big companies for a whole range of keywords and key phrases from different segments.

Most big MNCs in the market depend on enterprise SEO to optimize their search presence. In this article, we discuss important areas of enterprise SEO to focus on during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Morale of Team Members

Enterprise SEO is not just about the different practices and techniques involved in it. It also involves effective management of team members.

During the current crisis, there are bound to be many people working on the SEO of a big brand who are not in the right mental state to do their jobs. Remember, the world is only now learning the nitty-gritties of working from home. Staying at home with a pandemic looming outdoors is not exactly the right environment for any human being.

The one area of enterprise SEO most important for a company right now should be maintaining the morale of team members. There are many places you can use video content to advertise your brand. YouTube is an obvious start, but platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also offer video ad functionality. When using any of these platforms for advertising, it is important to create content which suits the platform for chosen,

For instance, video ads for Instagram have to be short and effective, focused more on clarity than style. However, ads on YouTube can be a bit more broad and brand-based as audiences on that platform have a greater attention span. Understanding these little variations in crucial for success in video advertising.

Performing Time-Exhaustive Tasks

There are many tasks SEO teams put off in enterprise SEO because they are too time consuming. This is a good time to complete those tasks. Tasks like content audit, content updation, backlinks audit, and so on are highly time consuming and usually avoided by SEO teams. With this extended break, SEOs can perform these tasks.

Today, the biggest platforms which guarantee maximum reach are digital. Search engines and social media promise businesses effective audience engagement at a fraction of the price traditional marketing cost.

During the pandemic crisis, content is a prized commodity. With more time to burn and more attention to grant, audiences are looking for more and more content. The evidence can be this be found by looking at viewership numbers on YouTube. More people are consuming video content now than before.

For many companies, this should be the cue to invest more effort in video content and marketing. In this article, we will go over some video advertising tips for effective engagement and conversion during pandemic crisis.

In Conclusion

SEOs understand the challenge of managing SEO for a large company. First of all, the very fact that large companies are spending time on SEO should come as good news. However, since big companies don’t tend to belong to a particular niche or segment, handling their SEO can be a challenge. The content requirements alone can be a challenge for SEOs. In this article, we discussed key areas in enterprise SEO people should focus on during this crisis.

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