Impact of Corona Virus Pandemic on Cyber Security

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The coronavirus has impacted every aspect of the modern world, be it business, health, education or everyday life. Adjusting to the rapid changes that the pandemic ushered has been difficult and it has also created an environment that is conducive to cybercriminals. This, in turn, has put major emphasis on cybersecurity to protect the digital world from this growing menace and ensure a smooth run of operations. 

The shift from regular to remote working and increased usage of collaborative and other digital tools have created a fertile ground for scammers and hackers. As employees are working from home, they often resort to using their phone for storing and sharing sensitive data. This leads to attacks like mobile ransomware and phishing that have become increasingly common. The former is where cybercriminal steals sensitive data from customers and phishing is when fraudulent entities pose as legitimate institutes to extract important information. Even health and other sectors that depend on information technology have to suffer a blow due to such cybercrimes. 

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all kind of business and social interactions became confined to the digital space. While a strong cybersecurity system is put in use by all companies both big and small, the increased use of online means and the new set up did pose issues. It also brought to light many new gaps in the established security fortification that need to addressed and resolved on an immediate basis. 

As even the Corona Virus statistics website was not spared from such attack and was filled with nefarious information, it goes to show that we need better cybersecurity in the post-pandemic world. As technology is advancing, every organisation has to step up and align with the changes by installing a better security and risk management system in check. Compliance and other issues need to be dealt with more stringently and to do that there is a greater need for proficient cybersecurity experts. The market was already witnessing an imbalance in the demand and supply ratio of such professionals and the axis will tilt majorly in the coming times. 

The accelerated digital transformation will pick up more in the future and there will be cloud-based work that would help facilitate many business functions. Security solutions to meet these changes will be vital as they would help secure this new structure and boost further growth. The old norms of working will certainly disintegrate as the new normal will become a part of our daily lives. In such a scenario, cybersecurity will be a great enabler. 

Those looking to enter this field will surely pave way for a substantial future for self as success and growth are guaranteed in this sector. To start your professional journey, you need to look into suitable courses and also try to get a better idea about part time cyber security degree. This will allow you to take up new skills while pursuing a full-time job.

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