Ideas To Renovate Your Home On This Diwali

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Diwali is celebrated every year in the month of Autumn. Autumn marks the beginning of the festive season. Diwali is a festival of lights which symbolizes the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over darkness. Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm everywhere in India every year, people buy new clothes, distribute sweets, decorate and light up their homes to express their joy. It is the common prevalent belief that if you buy new things on the day of Diwali, it will bring home the Laxmi and good fortune. If you are planning to renovate your home on the occasion of Diwali, then given below are few ideas to renovate your house:

Decorate your Entrance
There is a common saying that ‘The First Impression is the Last Impression’. So, make your entrance good and grand. You can add plants, big brass pots or hand painted earthen pots. Make rangolis and add diyas at the entrance.

Re-do your Puja Room
Performing Laxmi pooja has a special significance on Diwali. You can re-do your Puja room this Diwali, you can replace the idols with new ones, add new bells, diyas. You can buy silver Ganesh and Laxmi idols, buying silver and gold on ‘Dhanteras’ and Diwali also has great significance. It is considered that if you buy silver or gold items on ‘Dhanteras’ and Diwali it will bring good fortune and wealth.

Paint your House
You can redecorate your home by painting it with some new and exotic colors. Painting your house will add some cheerfulness and freshness. If you don’t want to paint your house then you can go for wallpapers. A wide range of wallpapers is available in the market, you can choose from a large variety of printed, plain or embossed wallpapers.

Remodel your Furniture
You can remodel your furniture and you really don’t spend much on it. Just hire a good tailor and use your old clothes like silk sarees etc. to make lovely cushion covers out of them. This is an easy pocket-friendly way to change your living room.

New Lights
As Diwali is a festival of lights, light up your house with new floor lamps or chandeliers. You can walk into any nearby electrical store and explore endless options available there. Lighting up your house with new lights is one of the best ways to make Diwali memorable.

Change Bedroom Theme
You can try changing your bedroom theme. All you need to do is buy new bedding and matching bedside lamps. You can change the curtains and keep new flowers vases in the room corners.

Buy new Crockery and Upgrade your Dining Room
You can buy new crockery this Diwali for your kitchen and upgrade your dining room with new dining mats, cutlery, table runners etc. You can add matching candle stands to complete the Diwali look.

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