Things To Do To Get A Claim On Your HTC Mobile Phone Insurance


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Mobile phones are an integral part of our life now and life without them is completely dejected. The race for the latest phone is at its height amongst the folks and its mounting prices are not a matter to kill the urge. But for those who value their hard-earned money spent on a smartphone and have emotions linked to their phone, mobile insurance is a matter not to be ignored. Therefore, mobile phone insurance is the need of the time due to unforeseen circumstances that could damage your highly prized gadget.

Thanks to the concept of mobile phone insurance which aids in recovering the loss that mobile manufacturing units deny compensating for. This blog is to acquaint you with the things you need to do to get a fast claim on your HTC mobile phone insurance.

Check out some of the top tips to follow to procure the fastest claim on your HTC mobile phone:

  • Adopt the best policy of honesty:

To get a claim for your HTC smartphone protection,stick to the truth and don’t hide the incident due to which your mobile phone got lost or damaged. Your HTC phone warranty received through insurance is less likely to be procured in that case as the claim investigators are experts who know how to spot the deception.

  • Go through the Terms & Conditions of your phone insurance policy

Check out the terms and conditions of your HTC phone protection plan and enquire whether the conditions in which you got your phone damaged are covered or not. Do not ignore the small prints before applying for the claim to know the things you are entitled to claim for your phone loss or damage.

  • Gather your documents and keep them under your reach

Open your folders or files maintained to note down important information of your belongings including your mobile insurance policy. Open it, and investigate the bills/ invoice of purchase, IMEI number, a lost Property number or Crime Reference along with the copy of Loss Report or police crime. These are vital to get compensation for the loss through insurance and your claim will not be paid off in case you are not organized in maintaining the aforesaid documents and information

  • Don’t wait for tomorrow, instead take immediate action today:

Do not make a delay in notifying the relevant authorities and your HTC phone insurance provider. Most HTC phone insurance policies stipulate a time frame within which a lost or stolen item must be informed. You should also get your phone blocked to avoid the misuse of your phone.

  • Collect the proof:

If you have got your phone stolen, do gather evidence in the form of eyewitness to procure the claim.

  • Do not throw all the parts of your phone, rather keep them safe:

If your phone has got damaged, keep the damaged parts safe to get the claim.

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