How you can protect your hair from harmful pollution?


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You cannot protect your hair from the harmful pollution. If you thought that pollution has an impact on the skin, then you are in for a shock as equal damage occurs to the hair. On careful inspection skin along with hair and most prone to UV damage and pollution. You can protect your skin by application of sunscreen lotion but what about your hair.  There are various tips and tricks for hair care that would restore lost sheen of your hair.

The moment we exposure ourselves to harmful pollutants fumes along with smoke settle on our head. This causes dryness, itchiness and breakage. When you are outside or commuting on a regular basis, hair is prone to considerable wear and tear. In certain cases pollution could pave way for hair fall .In order to cope up with these situations it is better to use ketomac shampoo as it eliminates pollutants of hair.

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Let us now explore various ways by which you can protect your hair from pollution.

Hair has to be covered

When outdoors limit exposure of hair to air pollution. Covering your hair with a scarf or a hair band would suffice. It is really important for women who have coloured hair.  This could be really beneficial if you reside in a windy area. On being aware of environmental factors along with climatic conditions you can reduce negative impact on your hair.

Hair styling products to be chosen with care

Hair styling products in the form of gels, sprays attract pollutants to your hair. If a build-up is witnessed on your scalp and hair it is better in sticking to a light weight product.

Do not step out with a wet or oily hair

If you hair is wet it will attract pollutants and dirt that will stick on to the hair and make it dirty.

Application of sunscreen

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One can invest in a quality sun screen from the market that is going to protect your hair from UV rays along with heat. The hair would retain shine along with texture.

Take steam

You need to take steam once in 10 days as it will open the pores that would enable to get rid of deep rooted dust particles.

Shampoo along with conditioning on a recurring basis

You can apply ketomac cream in India or a shampoo of the same company. It happens to clean your hair but will not make your scalp and hair dry.  You need to keep your hair clean at all times as dirt and pollutants click on to do dirty hair with ease. With ketomac shampoo it would be a clinical approved product that would keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Diet care

It is not only external diet; you should consume fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables along with yoghurt on a regular basis. A balanced diet goes a long way in achieving a healthy hair along with scalp.

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By following the above tips you can ensure proper upkeep of your hair.

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