How to write THE BEST Product Descriptions that SELL?

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The product description is very important from a sales point of view. Therefore, you should make an extra effort to write it in such a way that it attracts more people to look at your product carefully. The product description is important for both digital, as well as traditional advertisement and similar rules, are followed while writing them for both print as well as digital media.

Product description should be written based on your platform. If you are writing description for a product on Amazon, then product description amazon template should be followed and if you are writing product description for your own shopping app then its standards should be different then amazon templates. If you want to create your own shopping app then read, eCommerce app guidelines by Guru Technolabs.

In this article, we will give you some tips about how making your product description more attractive so that your customers on reading it are persuaded to buy the product.

1). Know your audience: This is perhaps the most important rule that you have to follow. The first thing you need to identify is the possible buyers of your product. If you are able to do it correctly, then you are able to formulate a plan to attract them to buy that particular product through targeted advertising. You also need to figure out why the customer visited your web page, what he/she is looking for and what are those features that will make the product more attractive to him/her.

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2). Tell them about the benefits of buying that product: As a seller, you may sometimes write all the unique features of your product that you think will attract the customers, but you need to first figure out what are those features in which the buyer is actually interested in. The second thing you should understand is that instead of just offering a factual sheet of the product in your inventory, you should write a detailed number of benefits a customer will get when they buy that product. This will have a greater impact than just writing the technical specification of a product.

3). Add story to your description: Just writing about the product may sometimes become too formal and bland. Therefore, you can spice up your writing by including a short note about the traditional uses of the product and how it is used over a period of time by people. One example of such a write-up could be about any face cream that contains ingredients like turmeric, sandalwood and other natural ingredients. You can then expand this by saying that these ingredients were used by people for generations. This will create an emotional connection with your buyers and it will show how beneficial the cream is for their skin. While you will find it difficult to use the same example in all products, whenever it is possible, you should use it for maximum impact.

4). Use simple words and sentences: While writing about any product description you need to know that you are not writing for an essay competition, but to convince people to buy that product. For this, you should never use hard to pronounce words in a long sentence. Always keep the sentences short and words simple to understand. The product description is read by people who are both highly educated as well as those who are not so good with their words. Therefore, for universal acceptability keep it short, simple and to the point.

5).Make the description easy to scan: People visiting the websites to buy some product do not have a huge amount of time to read through the description that is available on the web page. Therefore, it is important that the description of your writing should be easily scannable. What this means is that the customer can easily find out the information that he is looking for without going through the entire transcript.

6). Keep the SEO in your mind: When you are writing the description for a product, you must keep the best SEO strategies in your mind so that your web page gets higher ranking on any search engine generated result. In most cases when you are looking to improve your SEO strategy, then the first thing you should do is find out which keywords you should use in your text. Keywords are very important as they give the search engine an idea about what the description is all about. You can get keywords from the Google AdWords. After you have chosen the right keywords, the next part is to use them intelligently in your text. If you overuse them, then it can be counterproductive and the search engine algorithm will treat it as black hat technique. Try to keep the number of keywords at less than 2% and use them in the text, the title, the meta-descriptors and the image tags.

7). Use the relevant image with your description: It has been a well-researched subject that people are more likely to retain an image than text in their mind. Additionally, it has also been found out that people are more attracted if they see the picture of a product rather than just looking at some bland sentences. Therefore, always use relevant product images along with that description to attract the attention of your target audience.

8). Show knowledge: Research has shown that people often look at the product description to find out whether they should buy that product or not. The one thing that will attract the attention of the buyer is when they believe the writer has enough knowledge about the product. Therefore, do extra research on the product you are writing for and then try to include all the major points of that product in a short concise statement that will give the customer an instant idea of how good that product is for their requirement.

These are some of the main points that you can look at when you are writing that description of a product. Additionally, you will find that there is some ready-made template available for writing product description. You can also look at those and if they fit your requirement then you can use it to write that description of a product that you’re selling through your website or eCommerce app.

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